My optimism on

Ron Holland has faded. I expect Texas.

Not good…

I’m not shocked by that at all… Next!!

Had a feeling

Who’s next RD? I know Muss has someone in mind.

No one in mind for the early signing period. You basically look at the guys you’ve brought in on OVs.

Do you still have optimism on Fall and Drop?

I do but things have gone silent.

Ruh roh

I’m still very fearful of Auburn here for Fall.

As Nolan used to say “you can’t lose what you don’t have”.


The exhibition game meant something, huh?

wrt Baye Fall

on3 sports says 60% chance Fall commits to Arkansas, 37% chance to Auburn

247sports put in prediction of Fall to Auburn

a couple of days ago some Rutgers beat writer put in a prediction of Fall to Arkansas

I don’t have a feel at all for what Fall might do

I thought Arkansas would’ve locked him up a long time ago……but who knows at this point?

the fact that both Fall and Diop are announcing their commitments on the same day (Nov. 15) might favor Arkansas?

What kind of player is Fall? From what I understand his defense is way ahead of his offense but maybe someone who knows more about it can fill us in

Gafford comes to mind.


oh OK well Gafford was quite a player…

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Diop and Fall are both pretty raw offensively

but extremely athletic and quick

kind of bigs Nolan would’ve loved to coach

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That’s what I had heard… I would love for us to start getting some athletic bigs that can be big time scorers. But rim protectors and
bigs who can run the floor are huge matchup problems

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great low-post scoring bigs aren’t too common anymore unfortunately

today’s game is so perimeter-oriented that developing a big’s low post skills is viewed as a poor time investment by most coaches

Jaylin Williams had no offensive game to speak of but he could pass, handle the ball pretty well, rebound, and draw charges which was good enough to get himself drafted

neither did Daniel Gafford; his ridiculous athleticism got him to the nba

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I agree with that.

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