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I have posted a few times over the years. I am a fan just like most of you. Where I differ is I don’t look through rosy red glasses. I hope I am wrong in some of my opinions. But I’m not as confident in Coach Pittman making us a relevant name in college football.

Maybe he is the best option now, but I don’t see him getting any better than middle of the pack in the Sec. If that is good enough for you so be it.

Coach Mussleman may not make it to elite eight this year , and maybe he may leave too. But you can’t say he hasn’t made Arkansas basketball a household name nationally. You have never seen me post one negative opinion of him or the job he has done.

I posted that there is a problem with 20 plus players who get significant minutes exit your program. And don’t give me the crap about other schools lose their starters too. Maybe 2 or 3 not 7 or 8. I got roasted which I really don’t care, not going to change my opinion. and I see the talk about “ go back to barbershop”. If half of you could sit in that same shop and talk personally to the people that I have , you would too.

I have talked to recruits , recruits parents , professional players and a lot of who’s who in sports in that barbershop. Let alone the people that I have personal relationships in my everyday life. So if I post something of my opinion it’s usually because I have more insight into something that most of you , who just log on and read reports from Clay. Like I stated I am just as much a fan as most of you. But I’m not going to be as optimistic and turn a blind eye if the results are not up to par.

Muss is going nowhere they love it here and will be here quite a while…

There are going to be a lot of movement in the transfer portal by everybody whether you want to like/think so or not…

The key in the transfer portal is to make your ADDITIONS be better than your subtractions and we have done a tremendous job of that so far.

We have some very good defensive players coming in here that are going to make a big difference in our defense…

We have added some tremendous weapons on offense at WR and a absolute road grader OL so we are doing an absolutely tremendous job in the transfer portal and Sam has lined his staff with young aggressive recruiters that are getting looks from a lot of great football players across the country.

You can trust me on that because I know what I’m talking about and I definitely didn’t learn it in the barbershop.


Sometimes I don’t think we realize how good the middle of the pack is in SEC football, and it’s beginning to look the same in basketball and baseball too. Not saying that shouldn’t shoot for more, but hopefully we don’t take for granted what a tank full of sharks we swim with.


I wouldn’t say Mussleman is completely in love with Arkansas . I haven’t talked to him but someone who has definite ties to Fayetteville , told me there are something’s he didn’t like. I don’t know if that would be enough to leave but let’s not act like it’s his dream job and he wants to retire here. I hope he stays I love the job he’s doing . And regarding the portal I disagree we have great WR’s . I haven’t seen them play but coming from a division 2 school is a far cry from SEC . And mostly they sign with Division II schools for a reason . But we will see.

Without a doubt. My hope is we are able to improve to where we are consistently in the top third of the SEC and this also includes Texas and Oklahoma. This is a tall order.

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No matter which pair of hog glasses I put on for the day, I’ll be optimistic until proven otherwise because it’s no fun being a forward looking pessimist.

I do get that some enjoy wallowing in what dark things could happen or are happening but Hunter Y calls the shots proactively or reactively and I won’t spend a minute worrying about those things I don’t control. But I certainly get that there is a whole bunch of folks who enjoy that.

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I see the troll has crawled out again. Do us a favor and go back under the bridge.


Well it’s totally impossible to be in love with every aspect of your job there’s not a person alive who’s ever done that.Muss will be here a while unless he gets a deal he absolutely cannot refuse to turn down.

There are great football players all across this country and all levels of football a lot of these kids went under the radar because of grades or style of offense… I think you will see that at least a couple of those WR transfers will play significant roles next year because they’re tall fast and can catch the ball that’s all you need…
We have a quarterback who specializes in the long high downfield ball that’s why those guys are being brought in trust me.

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He’s afraid the bridge will fall in on him. The bridge is falling, the bridge is falling…. :joy: :joy:

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It is not hard to be an optimist if you are a Razorback fan…outside of squirrel hunting it is pretty doggone easy…Whether Musselman stays or goes (I hope stays) or Pittman takes the football program back to a perennial top-ten status before he moves to the Lake (I hope he that restoration) or Van Horn leads the baseball team to the CWS or even MN manages to beat LSU, Texas, Carolina and the Vols in the same year and not receive an NCAA invite still most of us will moan and groan but mostly cheer and expect the best while bitching until game time. Jeff mentioned the challenges of the Director’s Cup pointing out we don’t have a surplus of used sports to compete. That is certainly true when considering the two major sports, football and basketball. Musselman and Pittman must close the borders to the state plus east Oklahoma and North Louisana. With Texas and Oklahoma in the SEC that will be harder and with Ole Miss hiring Beard, we can imagine Memphis is not already gone, will be as will the eastern part of the state. It is not going to be easier in bringing in high school recruits but the portal is godsent for Arkansas opening the door to yesterday’s four and five stars. Next year is going to be better in my opinion with two coordinators equal to Pittman as recruiters, particularly from the portal. We will see in the Fall but I sense Jefferson is going to be much improved by focusing his skills on a shorter passing game. On WRs, we may struggle but I am not convinced that we are as weak as some have noted. Spring practice will demonstrate where are, and if necessary, can we pick up another wide receiver from the Portal?

Likewise, I expect Musselman to bring in the two or three players needed to augment his two recruits plus the players returning. He needs more seasoned players and from preliminary offers, he seems to be seeking those. We have competed well Texas and Oklahoma over the years so I really don’t see their entrance to the SEC as a further challenge but more of the same as we already see. Beard going to Ole Miss is a step up but still Ole Miss and State are not equal to the Hill now.

I realize “hope” is not going to take you very far but I am convinced we have much more than “hope” today on the Hill. That’s my opinion pretty much derived from watching, listening, reading, and recalling the coaches and their programs over a few years’ time. I suspect we will know soon if Jefferson is going to carry this team against the coming fall schedule.

As usual, Keith Guthrie is right in target.

Middle of pack in SEC in any sport is good.

The hope is to have seasons where everything falls into place……injuries (or lack of), favorable calls from officials, clutch shots, clutch hits, etc.

This is a big year for Pittman - I think there were some problems in the program and we’ll see if the various staff changes and player additions/subtractions improve things a bit.

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Surely they did - this new staff can recruit!!!