My only reservations about the new staff

is the dire situation with our OL - I know it wasn’t their fault re: what was left on-hand from the previous staff but it seems somewhat as though they didn’t/haven’t yet put enough emphasis on recruiting OL

I understand your remark but my take is they have to pick their slots these first three recruiting classes as they try to build type and depth of players they want. Defense, playmakers and speed are biggest needs and thus the overweighting in those areas in this class. If we could have gotten both of the instate tackles we would feel better. Going to be a lot of development work to get younger players ready.

None of those recruits would help this year’s depth issue, and few freshmen are really ready to play O-line unless they can participate in spring ball and off-season strength/conditioning. So many areas need depth that it will take a while to build. Give the staff time.

If this staff can get this O line to be decent against the bigs, they are coaches of the year.

I’m just thrilled they didn’t pull a Dana Altman after what Beilema neglected last couple years.

Arkansas signed three offensive linemen in the 2018 class to bring the total number of scholarship linemen to 14. Two are committed in 2019, with more likely to commit. Where is there not an emphasis on recruiting linemen? I fail to see it.

Putting an emphasis on OL and not getting them are two different things

They have got 12 offers out to uncommitted guys

So, it’s just about numbers to you? It was widely reported that we needed to sign 5 OL in this class, we’re 40% of the way there in a class that is quickly filling up. I’m sure we could quickly reach 100%, but we need help that can come in and play next year as we lose 3 Sr starters. So yeah, it’s a concern…

Isn’t recruiting all about numbers?

I would be concerned if there aren’t enough offensive linemen in the fold in February. It is August and there are at least a dozen offers out to linemen, presumably ones the staff thinks is good enough to play for them. I’ve heard Morris talk about the scholarship numbers that are ideal at each position. He is as detail-oriented as any coach that has been here, so I’m sure this staff is aware of what they have and what they need. Right now they need two, maybe three more linemen to hit the desired number of 15 on scholarship, depending on whether Deion Malone returns next year.

The premise of this thread was that this staff doesn’t put an emphasis on recruiting linemen. Like I said, I don’t see that.

Well, the offers must be hidden, I count 10 OL offers out to guys not committed elsewhere, with only 3/4 showing any interest in us. If RD/DD think we have a chance with some of the higher rates uncommitted high school players, it would come as news to most. I think they are putting interest in OL, just with little success. We found out with the last staff that OL coaches short on experience have trouble recruiting well.