My only hope...

Is that these two announcers aren’t on the Saturday and Sunday broadcasts as well. They’re just awful.

They’re on the call all three games, I think. Hopefully someone teaches the PBP guy to pronounce Shaddy’s name correctly.

yeah they are Trevor knight was awful tonight LOl

No kidding. It’s Shaddy, not “Shady.” And I was surprised to see Jax Biggers put on Kenley’s jersey late in the game–only to see Kenley pinch hit right after that. :roll:

Bad game forget about it and move on. The announcers never give the hogs a break. Win the next 2 games and move on.

I’ve got to say that I like them a lot better than the guys (Pearlman and Eklund) that do our SEC+ games. I’ll also admit that’s more by default than because they do anything particularly well. Honestly, I thought they were pretty well balanced in their praise of both teams. It was an ugly game for a Razorback fan to watch, but not because of the coverage.

The numerous references of “we” by their color guy annoyed me. I understand you get homers on these broadcasts, but it should still be an objective analysis. I don’t particularly care for Perlman, but feel he goes out of his way to try for not being slanted. Like Eklund because he doesn’t over talk.

The missed names don’t bother me all that much, because they only see these guys once a year. But I didn’t hear much balance on that coverage last night.

No balanced coverage today either. I know Auburn is leading but listening to these guys, Auburn is invincible and cannot do anything wrong. Surprised they ever make an out.