My next take

  1. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems; nothing is ever as good as it seems. Same holds true today. As bad as this loss feels today, we will likely feel better a couple of weeks when it is more obvious that we will make the NCAA tournament this year, which I still think will happen despite this distasteful loss.
  2. It’s tough to beat ANY conference team on the road. That’s the thing about basketball as opposed to football - any team can beat any other team any day of the week. That’s why we watch, and sometimes it hurts.
  3. As much criticism as I’ve given MA for his poor coaching, I have never said he needs to be fired. We need some tenure in this program.
  4. MA does many really great things here, but X’s and O’s coaching is not one of them. I’d LOVE to see him hire a crackpot assistant who can teach some of the basic fundamental skills, like boxing out on rebounds, how to set/use picks, how to defend picks without having to switch, etc. How many open shots did we give up today because we continue to double team on defense in the open floor? We got away with it against Bama because their point guards were awful and didn’t make us pay, but Mizzou’s guards were actually pretty decent. We typically do poorly against teams with good guards that distribute well against our pressure (look at MS State).

The trapping defense is NOT a good scheme against teams that have good guards…or guards that are better than ours. We don’t seem to change schemes to match our talent or our opposition’s. I had hoped that we were going to go to more man and zone (no traps) instead of so much reliance on trapping against good guards. We always leave someone open for an easy shot when we trap good guards.