My most disheartening aspect of Razorback Football

Not just this year, nor last year even, but for the last few years. We see to have a knack of making the opposing QB look like some sort of all-American. Really frustrating to see.

Even tonight a brand new QB, who only had 2 weeks of prep for his 1st start on the college level and he looks amazing. He was a wide-out, not even 3rd string QB! Unreal how we can make QBs look like pros. sigh

At one point in time I’d be upset and the rest of my night would be ruined. Now… after I post this, I won’t give it another thought. I’ve reached the point where its hard to care anymore. I got a good book to read, a cup of joe, and a blanket. Life is good.


I’m with you. I won’t lose any sleep but the powers that be need to be losing sleep because it’s all about the $$$ and I wouldn’t pay a dime to drive to Fayetteville and watch this BS.

The coaches don’t play to win. Keep it close. They coach scared. Grad assistants don’t know how to win and get schooled by real coaches. Chavis, don’t know what his problem is. Old tired schemes everyone knows. Predictable

Mike Irwin just nailed it on KNWA ! Why does it take 3 1/2 quarters to see Starkel was not getting it done! That is on the coaching staff and specifically Chad Morris! I have seen better high school coaches in NWA than Morris! I don’t know why any player would come to Arkansas! I have never blasted a player on this site and never will, but coaches is another matter. If HY and powers that be don’t make a change at end of season , contributions will take a dramatic drop and fans will stop caring. People say we can’t afford to fire Morris and staff, I look at the other way around we can’t afford not to!

the defense is terrible. they couldn’t stop anybody. I believe we need all new coaches. or at least new assistants. we could use a running quarterback. coach should find one.

We’ve got one, but he won’t be ready till next season.

I have never seen a program where assistants were let go and HC retained and the HC went on to be successful at that school. It just delays the inevitable!

First 2 paragraphs say everything, and a lot more. I’ll add we had 2 weeks to prep as well. We waste about 20 plays a game every game.

It is what it is. Going to be interesting to see how it shakes out. I feel for the guy with this brutal schedule approaching.

So did Kentucky.

I know, I was responding to Votan and his first to paragraphs. He pointed that out. Thanks though.


Your right they had the same amount of time to prepare as we did and I think we showed up better prepared to win than they did for this game. Then Ky went in at halftime tweaked their plan and we couldn’t match their efforts and determination the second half on either side of the ball.If your not strong mentally and physically in the Sec the second half of games will expose your weaknesses every Saturday as it did last night. Earlier I stated there was know way that CCM would be let go after only two seasons but after last night I don’t feel confident in saying that anymore. I’m not calling for him to be let go because we knew there was no quick fix, but there will be plenty calling for his dismissal if progress is not shown soon. WPS

I understand. I’m still of the opinion that firing him even after two seasons would be a big mistake. I understand everyone’s frustration because I feel it too, but I know Morris is the unfortunate recipient of years of frustration and anger from the fan base as a whole before he got here. And I agree, he has to show something, which is why I said all it takes is that ONE GAME to have everyone believe in what he can/is doing at Arkansas.

I agree, but honestly I don’t see that “One Game” remaining on this years schedule. Good morning. WPS

I don’t see it either - Auburn and Alabama will be brutal.

MSU is bad so not sure a win there is showing much and WKU certainly isn’t.

LSU will also be a blowout and Missouri won’t be pretty.

Hard truth -we just finished the “easier” part of the schedule. Think about that for a minute!

You never know, which is why you play the game. It’s wild and it’s inconsistent, but we’ll knock someone off we shouldn’t this season. Mark my words.

Someone other than WKU and MSU?

We have to blow WKY out of it will have the feel of a loss. The WKY game concerns me because we will be beat up physically and mentally by the time we play them and they have nothing to lose and we really don’t prove anything by winning the game. I also see the recruiting to be much more tougher than last season as it becomes more difficult to sell the CCM brand so to speak. I feel for the Coaches and players as I cannot imagine their mind set at this point, other than to say yesterday is history and how you rebound from here is the only thing that matters! WPS

Anyone else making that statement I would have to call “Hogwash” , but you’ve been right many times before and hope you are this time. WPS

Personally, yes, I think it will be someone else. It has to be. Winning 4-8 I still think will keep his his job, but if we can beat someone we aren’t suppose to, that carries a lot of weight.