My main takeaways from Arkansas' November games


Great article Scottie. I enjoy your vocabulary and descriptive use of the English language!

Excellent observations and thoughts. You add a lot of value to this board.

“Council has been the Razorbacks’ most consistent offensive weapon.”

There is an element where this is surprising to me. Of course, I read that he was regarded well as WSU’s 6th guy. But (until lately) I did not realize that while he started only 7 games, he was second in points scored and RBs for WSU - as a frosh. Nevertheless, he’s completely taken over a couple games for the Hogs - near game’s end, when it was truly crunch time.

There’s been a lot of talk about our 3 5 stars - but he’s shown to be the best thus far.

Ricky’s been fantastic and without a doubt he’s been our best offensive weapon. If I were to give out an MVP award so far, it would be a coin flip with Ricky and AB.

AB is leading the team in steals, assists, FT%, and FTs made. He’s 2nd in rebounding and PPG. They have both been nothing short of amazing.


Good article Scottie! I’ve enjoyed your stuff on hoops man.

I love Ricky, but AB is the key to this whole season. We’re never had another one like him.


Great info Scottie, this team can be special if it continues to improve. Hopefully we will have a lot of fun watching them do that

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