My last post on the loss - just found this interesting

After all the posts about who did or didn’t do good or bad, especially down the stretch, I went back and looked at exactly what happened in the last 5 1/2 minutes. It doesn’t quite match most scenarios.

5:30 left in the game score Hogs down 67-70:

Gafford put back of Bailey miss 69-70
Desi made 1 of 2 FTs 70-70
WKY - 3 pt 70-73
Harris - missed jmpr 70-73
Jones - 2-2 FTs 72-73
WKY 3 pt - 72-76
Jones - 3 pt 75-76
WKY miss 3 ptr - 75-76
Harris - miss jmpr - 75-76
WKY - turnover 75-76
Harr - Joe miss 3 pt 75-76
Gafford O brd - put back 77-76
WKY lay-up defender lost man 77-78
Harris miss and blocked jmpr - Hogs board - 77-78
Gafford miss with no time on clock 77-78

Summary last 10 points in last 5 minutes - Jones 5, Gafford - 4, Desi - 1 for the 10 points
Harris 3 missed shots

Jones had a bad 1st half with 0-3 threes, but had 11 points to lead team in the 2nd half. He and Gafford kept the Hogs in the game the last 5 minutes. Harris who had an assist probably should not have been shooting more shots than any of the players.

Most posts seemed to be about Gafford’s miss and how Desi and Joe kept us in the game. Don’t get me wrong I loved Desi’s play in the 2nd half and during the middle part of the half he certainly helped us stay within reach. I didn’t see a single post about Jones terrific 2nd half and crunch time play, after a relatively poor 1st half with 4 points.

I just thought it was interesting that most posts didn’t seem to reflect what actually happened in the last 5 minutes of crunch time.

My biggest concern was the inability to find open looks for Joe on the perimeter. Its a pretty simple lesson I think, they are used to teams doubling Gafford, but with the freak WKU had down low, they instead focused on taking Joe out of the game in the final minutes. Going forward, I would expect that CMA and Co. teach the team some strategies to make sure our best scorer can get shots up when we need them. I saw a young back court fight hard but come up a little short in a tough battle. On to the next one.

Good point, Harley. I didn’t realize Jones played a significant role in the last half. He is a really good player and well-rounded, plus he knows how to play the game.

Joe and Jones are our scorers besides inside to Gafford. We have got to get Joe more shots or he needs to be encouraged to take more shots. He is a little too unselfish. Coach is going to have to tell him he needs 20 from him every night. If we are going to get to the NCAA’s, Joe is going to have to grow up fast. He is a young stud, but we may have to ask more than he can give us this year.

I think Reggie Chaney is the key to us making the tournament. We are extremely thin in the forecourt, except for Daniel.

In order to battle Tennessee, Kentucky and the other good teams, we are going to need more than Gafford’s help around the bucket. Chaney is going to need to step it up for us to do some damage. He is so inexperienced, but has impressive physical talent.

I’m concerned we don’t make the NCAA’s, then Gafford is gone, and we are back to square one.

It is very possible that Stansbury had set the defense to not cover Harris and Bailey as well in the last minute or so. They wanted those two to shoot. If you were Rick, would you not do the same. I bet Mike also decided who cover and double team and who not to.

I am sure Mike knows that Joe and Jones need more shots. But unfortunately there is another team on the floor with exactly the opposite goal.

You are right about Chaney. Unfortunately he is Gafford’s backup right now and Mike needs to keep him foul free in case Gafford gets in foul trouble. That is the problem with starting Chaney. Root of the problem is Ali is not ready at all.

Shots on Saturday

Harris 6-15
Joe 6-13
Gafford 7-12
Jones 5-11
Sills 4-6
Bailey 0-4
Chaney 4
Embery Simpson 0-2
Osabuohien 0-2

Shots this season

Joe 44-93
Gafford 55-87
Jones 33-70
Harris 24-65
Bailey 29-48
Chaney 19-36
Embery-Simpson 13-36
Sills 14-27
Osabuohien 7-27
Phillips 2-17
Holmes 0-5
Henderson 1-1
Stevens 0-0

From Dudley’s numbers it looks like Joe has gotten plenty of shots…Maybe reduce Harris’s number and increase Jones’s numbers…Anyway to get more shots got to have more possessions and that comes from defense and pace of the game.

One way Joe can get more shots is to shoot it off the dribble, create his own shot…if he can do that. I haven’t seen him do much of that. Dudley or anybody, can Joe do this or has he not developed that part of his game?

He is so unselfish that he hardly ever forces it. I just think all he needs to do is be a little more aggressive. Being a freshman, he may not feel comfortable, but hopefully, he will as the season progresses.

Can Desi Sills shoot the 3 or is he limited in that area? He has his strong suites, defense and driving with the ball. If he can develop his outside shot, he could be a real factor in getting major playing time. He reminds me a little of Anton Beard except he is a little bigger.

That’s a big part of Joe’s game. He uses it more when he’s not on from 3, but has been a part of his game since high school.

Sills is a decent 3-point shooter, but not a pure one.

He is 4-of-14 so far this year.

By the way, Joe is 11 of 22 from 2-point range, 33-or-71 (46.5 percent) from 3.

Guys , a lot of good stuff here - but the WKU result wasn’t a coaching situation. Our bench, other than Desi, just didn’t bring anything Saturday and I don’t mean just didn’t bring offense.

This team had to have some bench help against good teams.

They’ve been better than we tho they would be so far or at least even with the more optimistic predictions. I thought most of the 2nd bunch were forcing the game and not playing together or within flow at all.

That forced Mike to grind on the starters more than he likes and I thought that showed in the last few minutes a few times.

The first 4 minutes of the 2nd half was the downfall along with the poor FT shooting

The free throw line takes another glaring loss. To go along with role players coming in and taking 3’s and driving . The hogs have to learn to play together and take good shots. They better hit the gym and work on the free throws.