My last post ever on this forum

A lot of you fair weather, mentally handicapped, wouldn’t know basketball from tennis, nitwits on this forum owe this team and some other posters on this forum a HUGE apology.

A few others, like myself, told a lot of you this team was good, it would just be a matter of time before they put everything together. But your constant negativity and insulting anyone who disagrees with you has pushed knowledgeable fans off this forum or at the least reduced their desire to comment anymore. All that’s going to be left are ingrates who spout off about things they know nothing about and it’s a lot of posters like Youdaman’s fault.

Again, a lot of you owe this team a huge apology because I know at least one player reads these boards. This was very good team that had a chance to be great tonight, but nonetheless gave us fans an amazing year and they deserve our respect.


Stop with the attention act. your not going to quit posting . You like all of our fans wanted a win tonight. But that’s what constant top 5 recruiting classes look like. And yes Duke will win the National Championship. So Good year let’s look forward to next.


Thanks for including me. Bye!

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Dude your about as stupid as a basket full of doorknobs! You are as clueless as I have ever seen…all you did is B@$#$ about officiating to absolute Nauseum!!!Don’t let the door hit you





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Generally a dumb post.

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Baptist preacher. Need I say more?


That explains a lot… This dude has been acting the fool for well over a decade here, I won’t miss him.

I don’t have a problem admitting that I didn’t see an Elite 8 run. But, to be fair, we looked absolutely lost in some of those early games.

It’s a testament to the coach and the players that they were able to right the ship.

General, just take a couple of days and come back later. We have baseball and football to talk about.

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, very disappointing post, your better than this. WPS

You’re kinda painting with a broad brush, aren’t ya?

Don’t run away from the board, a difference of opinion keeps things interesting. Some people stay in the cracks to protect their emotional investment and others walk in the sunshine. Either way, we’re all Hog fans and diversity pushes us through the letdowns. Besides, next year’s team will be one hell of a team to beat down the unwashed.

Think you just validated his point… :slight_smile:

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Well good lord wasn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Similar to his last rant on here as I recall.
Maybe a change of meds needed.