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It gets really complicated in Arizona during DST. While the state of Arizona does not do DST, the reservations that are within Arizona do observe DST. So if you are traveling in Arizona and your phone is on a cell tower that is on the reservation, it will show the time according to DST, even though you may not actually be on the reservation.

I flew in to Phoenix several years ago for a connecting flight. I was so confused at the time I thought I was going to miss my connection. It took me a while to figure it out.

People do not realize that we tried this in the early 70’s and it quickly became very unpopular as people were going to work and kids were going to school in the dark. Gerald Ford switched it back after a two year stint.

For nine years I went to work at 6:30 pm and got home at 7:30 am. Which meant in the winter I was going to work in the dark and getting home around sunrise. Basically I only saw the sun on my days off.

If the house will be smart enough to approve what the Senate already has March 2023 will be the last time you have to change your clocks.


That would be great, Billy. Even my dog is confused, lol.

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Hardest part about the time change for me is I want to go to bed at 8:00 lol because it’s been dark for 3 hours

Ain’t that the truth. I’ll go to deer camp and most nights I’m in bed by 8. At home, it’s around 11 once I get used to the time change. :alarm_clock:

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That is astounding to me, and I am a bone deep night person that wishes we didn’t have to sleep. I am thankful we have people that are dedicated to all levels of medical care.

And it makes for a rough morning.

When the clocks changed in the fall several years ago, my niece told me that there is no such thing as gaining an hour or losing an hour–we’re just playing with our clocks. Children and animals know this and mock us for our hubris.


Took after my late Dad. He was the same way. Been many a day we wouldn’t hit the bed till 1-2AM and be up at 5 to spend the day rabbit hunting. He was in his late 60’s at that time. He never seem to tire when it came to hunting or fishing despite lack of quality sleep.

I vote that we fall back every Saturday at noon.

That way we get the extra hour each weekend and the 11:00 kickoffs would really be like playing at 12:00.

Then we can just give the hour back each Monday during the work day.

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On changing to DST, living in a HOT climate, you wish they wouldn’t move it forward,

You leave things up to the Individual States…FED STAY OUT!

I certainly operate on many less hours of sleep but I’ll be crawling from a tent Saturday morning at 5 am and 25 degree weather. That is tough…until the coffee is ready.

We had a war about that 160 years ago. Your side lost.

Except for deployments and being overseas, I’ve never missed opening day until this weekend. I had sciatic issues that required sedation and a long needle this past week, so I won’t be able to go until next weekend. I’m pain free but was informed by family members to not go for another week. I’ll just take it easy till next weekend. Wish you a safe and happy hunt.

Hilarious. I won’t post the obvious. :sunglasses:

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