My internal clock

I have struggled last two days with my internal clock. What time is it? Jean Ann went to the beach with her sister. She always changes the clocks. There are clocks on the microwave and stove I can’t seem to figure out. I change them and they revert. Then they seem to be right. Then revert. And I forget which ones I change.

There are three alarms in bed room. Some are right, but I don’t understand the one she uses that is way too fancy. To compound things we had a power outage while I was in Fayetteville that messed up some clocks. But not others.

Please come home Jean Ann.

On another matter, I’m going to say this fall back on time probably effected the two players on Dickson Street. They prob thought it was only midnight.


I wish they would leave the dang clocks alone. No need to fall back. I hate getting off work after dark.

My internal clocks don’t look so good.


I’m persistently trying to change them.


You are much funnier than Colbert, Pav. Not sure whether that’s a compliment or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There has been a bill passed in the Senate that would leave it on DST year round but the House hasn’t voted on it. And states could still opt out.

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I say vote for it but what are the cons?

Just use your phone as your clock, Clay. There’s a little guy in there who keep it straight.

Semi-interesting fact, that image of “Persistence of Memory” posted by Pav is just about life-size. I always thought it was much bigger.

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Currently there are only 2 states that don’t do DST… Arizona and Hawaii. If multiple states opted out of DST it would create a lot of confusion. I can remember back in the day getting on plane to Indianapolis and landing before I left.

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I understand the business side. For instance, if you have a business in those two states and have accounts nationwide, you have to have people in the office at 7-8 am to service those states.

Not sure what the cons are, other than people like my late great-grandmother who used to call it “God’s Time” (standard) and “Roosevelt’s Time” (DST).

We had a trial of year-round DST about 40 years ago to try to conserve energy during the oil embargo and there was enough opposition that they went back to six months on, six off. It was later amended to eight months of DST, four of ST.

One con I can think of is that some people didn’t like their kids waiting for their morning school bus in the dark. Not sure how much of a factor that is now. And in more northern states that’s going to happen anyway.

There are studies that the end of DST results in decreased economic activity as measured in credit card purchases, by up to 4%. Robberies during the extra hour of evening daylight also decreased.

At one time parts of Indiana skipped DST so that the entire state would be in the same time zone; right now a chunk of western Indiana is in Central, the rest in Eastern. But now the entire state observes DST.

Sunday was the longest day of my life lol My wife found a meme on Instagram that read “It feels like it is 1 million o’clock right now and it isn’t even the kids’ bed time yet.”


Awesome piece of art.

In FL we voted to stay on DST year-round, but apparently states can’t do that without federal approval. States can decide to stay on standard (winter) time year round on their own, but not on summer time.

Dang…wasn’t it Cher that had an anthem with the rhetorical question about turning back time?

I think I will go for Cher on turning back my clock rather than waiting for the House.

They tried that continuous DST in 1974. Nixon signed it into law for 2 years. Popular at first until kids were starting school in pitch black darkness in mornings.
Gerald Ford reversed it after only 1 year.
Better to just leave it at standard time like other parts of the world.

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I think you seriously underestimate the popularity of DST. The entire European Union uses it. So does Israel, a few South American countries, the two most populous states in Australia, New Zealand, and even parts of Mexico near the U.S. border. Of course the Southern Hemisphere nations have it in our winter (it started in early October in Australia).

Nobody has gone to permanent DST yet, but we’ll see if the House takes up the so-called Sunshine Protection Act (which, if you were wondering, was introduced by a member of the minority party in the Senate).

Pavlov is a joy to this forum. Thanks for being you!

What time is it?


Agree Clay - Ole Pav finds some good humor in about anything. Keeps some of us on even keel around here.

I’m About 9 hours ahead of whatever time it should be there. Time is blur anymore.

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Or as Chicago sang in 1969, does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?

(The musical answer to those questions was 25 or 6 to 4, by the way).

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Thanks Clay.

By the way, my 94 year old Mom just showed me how to reset the clock in my car.