My impressions of the freshmen

Really the main reason I even decided to go to the exhibition game was to get a look at Dan Gafford and Darious Hall. I must say I was more impressed by both than I was expecting to be. I always hope for the best but expect something less from a true freshman. I was expecting above average athleticism to go with raw skills. They both have the athleticism, Gafford bordering on elite level, but their basketball skill set is what I was hoping for, even more than I hoped. Gafford has very good hands, strong hands, a nose for the ball, and you can tell he knows he’s supposed to be good. Runs the court better than any big man we’ve had since Derek Hood in my mind, and he’s more physically imposing than Hood. Not a great weapon on offense yet, but he’ll get garbage points, and he made a pretty good number of free throws. I was fearing bricks on those, but he’s got decent form, and he’s going to get fouled a lot due to his aggressiveness. Hall was much more aggressive than what I expected, got a lot of deflections, and will really disrupt some team’s offense. With his wingspan, I could see a little Darrell Walker in him. The other freshman, Garland, I’m pretty sure I recognized shooting some way before pregame warmups. He’s got a very tight dribble and quick reflexes. You can tell he’s a quick twitch athlete, and I bet he would be a solid player this year if he gets clearance to play. I liked the look of all 3 of them, but certainly Gafford and Hall more so since they are actually playing. I can for sure see Gafford being a 2 and done. Hope for our sake he’s here for 2 years. His motor and pure athletic ability are superior right now to Kingsley as a senior, just has a ways to go to improve his shooting and overall feel for the game.

Thanks for the info.