My hope

Proud of the way the Hogs played today. Played tough. Think we have a great shot at the Vols place. My hope for the rest of the season is we continue to improve and make another run in the tournament. My hope for Brandon Miller is that he is the first player taken in the draft. And that the team that takes him throw him a ton of money. my hope for Nate Oates is that he is rewarded with a fat new contract with a hefty pay raise My hope for Alabama Athletics is that they continue to hire people like Oates and recruit players like Miller. My final hope is that after Oates and Miller get paid, the family of the young woman murdered sur Oates, Miller, the AD, and the University for every penny they can. I hope Oates and Miller will work for the rest of their lives compensating the young woman’s family. One last hope. That the University of Alabama’s Athletic Programs get exactly what’s coming to them.


Agree 100%


nah, nothing is going to happen to Bama

the Tide will most likely win the national championship, at the very least make the Final 4

and after Apr. 3 Mr. Miller will be the NBA’s problem and Bama will get away scot free with only its reputation tarnished a little more

as if Alabama athletics didn’t have a tarnished reputation already, but they don’t care at all

Alabama basketball is the new UNLV of college hoops

Alabama is not bullet proof. I believe the young woman’s family has a strong case against Oates, Miller, and that glorified diploma factory. With the right attorneys, they can win a wrongful death suit against all three.

I looked at all of the TV shots of the AD, Saban and Justin Thomas (backwards hat) in front row and was disgusted. In other words, we support this mess, too.


I agree Clay.

As I have said, Karma is a cruel mistress. They’ll get everything that’s coming to them.


no, they won’t

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Saban should have to answer whether he thinks an Alabama player murdering someone should be trivialized in pre game.

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There is not a single reporter in Alabama brave enough to ask him that question….


Eventually they will. You can’t do evil or turn a blind eye to it without it coming back to bite you. Whether here or in the life after, they will get what’s coming to them.

Hard to sue a state as they have sovereign immunity and that will protect oats and the ad as well as the university.

Miller…. Well he better get some good lawyers because that family is going to sue Miller and the shooter.

Alabama basically has wierd way of proving wrongful death. It has to be punitive conduct. Their courts are extremely conservative and they follow damage caps.

Not saying suit won’t be filed because it will, it is just a difficult animal to prove down there and to win big money per se.

Damn, there are a lot of lawyers on here. Not surprising, considering how sideways some of these threads go.

I almost went to law school, but I took a voluntary pay cut and decided to be a fine, upstanding, car salesman, lol.

My one hope is that, irregardless of Alabama’s civil law, that Jamea Harris’ son takes a huge chunk of Brandon Miller’s future earnings.

I also hope that he grows up to be a great basketball player, plays for the Hogs, and drops 40 in a 30 point victory at the dump Bama plays in.

I used to respect Saban. No more.

I try to like JT, because he is buddies with Tiger and Rory. No more.

Move over Texas. Move over Ohio State.

I hate Bama more than any university in the country. By a mile.

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