My guess at the depth chart....

Austin Allen, Sr., 6-1, 209
Ty Storey, So., 6-2, 212 OR
Cole Kelley, R-Fr., 6-7, 258

I would have guessed Kelley would have been the back-up going into spring, but Storey held him off. Should be a fun battle in fall camp.

Devwah Whaley, So., 5-11, 216
David Williams, Sr., 6-1, 220 OR
Maleek Williams, Fr., 6-0, 230
Chase Hayden, Fr., 5-11, 190

Devwah “Duvall Wally” Whaley should get a ton of work. D-Williams has the experience nod, but M-Williams has the better potential. I expect TJ Hammonds to split time between TB and WR. I also expect J-Red and some of the other WRs to get that jet screen thing going as well

Kendrick Jackson, Jr., 6-1, 255
Hayden Johnson, So., 6-3, 248

Jared Cornelius, Sr., 5-11, 212
La’Michael Pettway, So., 6-2, 216
Jonathan Nance, Jr. ,6-2, 187
Kolian Jackson

Deon Stewart, So., 5-11, 164
Brandon Martin, So., 6-4, 215
Jordan Jones, R-Fr., 6-1, 184
Kofi Boateng

I agree tat Koilan Jackson may get in the mix and Kofi Boateng as well after redshirting due to injury last season

Austin Cantrell, So., 6-4, 269
Jack Kraus, Jr., 6-5, 252 OR
Cheyenne O’Grady, So., 6-4, 251
Jeremy Patton
Grayson Gunter, So., 6-6, 232
Will Gragg, So., 6-4, 254 OR
Hayden Johnson, So., 6-3, 248

Patton will see the field plenty, but I put him at 4 because he hasn’t taken it yet. It was great for him to get here in late June instead of August.

Colton Jackson, So., 6-6, 300
Paul Ramirez, Sr., 6-6, 299
Shane Clenin, Fr., 6-6, 295
Tyler Hall, R-Fr., 6-4, 296

Hjalte Froholdt, Jr., 6-4, 318
Deion Malone, Jr., 6-3, 296
Cooper Sone, So., 6-2, 277

I think Froholdt will be the most improved lineman on the team this year. Dude was thrown into the fire without a water hose last season.

Frank Ragnow, Sr., 6-5, 319
Zach Rogers, Jr., 6-1, 306
Dylan Hays, R-Fr., 6-3, 294
Jackson Hannah, Jr., 6-2, 282

Ragnow - who has been one of our interns this summer on Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly - is a great kid, a great player and is ready to have a major voice since is the man now.

Johnny Gibson, Jr., 6-4, 344
Jake Raulerson, Sr., 6-4, 301
Kirby Adcock, Fr., 6-5, 300

Maybe the most important spot on the line this season One of them has to grab ahold of the spot.

Brian Wallace, Jr., 6-6, 335
Jalen Merrick, So., 6-4, 327
Dalton Wagner, Fr., 6-9, 330

Wallace should have a big year. According to Kurt Anderson, Merrick made a move at the end of the spring. It’s time to fish or cut bait for him.

McTelvin Agim, So., 6-3, 289
Armon Watts, Jr., 6-5, 293

I believe Watts - who is now in fantastic shape - will be a surprise star on defense this season.

Bijhon Jackson, Sr., 6-2, 335
Austin Capps, So., 6-4, 309
Jonathan Marshall, R-Fr., 6-4, 299

Bijhon is the prototypical NG for this 3-4. His time to shine.

T.J. Smith, So., 6-3, 285
Briston Guidry, R-Fr., 6-3, 294
Michael Taylor, Jr., 6-3, 260

Little experience, but tons and tones of potential. All look the part.

Karl Roessler, Sr., 6-1, 256
Jamario Bell, So., 6-5, 252
Tyler Phillips, So., 6-1, 232
Brandon DePrato, R-Fr., 6-4, 218

Mr. Bell, the floor is yours. Super athlete, time for the light to truly come on.

De’Jon Harris, So., 6-0, 240
Josh Harris, Jr., 5-10, 239
Giovanni LaFrance, R-Fr., 6-1, 255

Like Jimmy, I a big fan of Harris. He gets it on the field and off. I truly see NFL stuff from him. He’ll be so much better this year because of the time he got with Dre hurt last season.

Dre Greenlaw, Jr. 6-0, 226*
Kyrei Fisher, Fr., 6-2, 235 OR
Grant Morgan, R-Fr., 5-11, 220 OR
Dee Walker, R-Fr., 6-2, 208

From homeless to a chance to be an All-SEC linebacker, Greenlaw has had an interesting story to tell the last few years. I love Fisher, but as the coaches said in the spring, he can’t want to have the big hit so much that he bites early.

Randy Ramsey, Jr., 6-4, 228
Dwayne Eugene, Sr., 6-1, 235
Gabe Ricahrdson
Ben Brasuell, R-Fr., 6-1, 218

Randy Ramsey is poised to become a star. Eugene has bee solid, never spectacular, but gets it and I think will be a significant cog this season. Richardson is a steal to me.

Ryan Pulley, Jr., 5-11, 198
Britto Tutt, So., 6-2, 177

Lockdown city over here this year with these two.

De’Andre Coley, Sr., 6-1, 214
Reid Miller, Jr., 5-9, 197
Micahh Smith, R-Fr., 6-0, 195

Santos Ramirez, Jr., 6-2, 205
Josh Liddell, Sr., 6-1, 210
Deon Edwards, R-Fr., 6-1, 205

Henre’ Toliver, Sr., 6-1, 185
Kevin Richardson, Sr., 6-0, 178
Nate Dalton, So., 6-3, 190

Kevin Richardson, Sr., 6-0, 178
Josh Liddell, Sr., 6-1, 210

Richardson is the utility infielder that makes it all come together. I still worry about safeties some, but like the secondary depth more this season

Thanks for your list and analysis Dudley! Between your review and Clay’s comments a few days ago, I am actually starting to get my hopes up higher than they have been in a while!

I would suggest tempered optimism.

That’s how I enter each day with life, not just football. :sunglasses:

How would you compare the receiving corps to last season’s?

Mine would be less experienced but much more athletic. After seeing some of the times from the combines of our WRs it looks as though they had to be perfect in their reads and cuts to get open. Hopefully this year’s crew will also be able to read defenses as well as the season goes along and have the speed and athleticism to overcome any shortcomings.

Inexperienced receivers get quarterbacks intercepted with wrong reads. However, gifted inexperienced receivers can make up for mistakes with their play-making ability.

Nance is my surprise player of the year. He has a nice extra gear once he gets the ball.

This looks like more depth across the board then the Hogs have had in the past. We need some of these guys to become All-SEC players to have a chance for a special season. That is always my plan. It’s time for the Hogs to make a run.


IMO, I’m not worried about WR experience because the Offense can be adjusted to focus on TE’s or the running game for a few games.
We are fortunate to have David Williams from USCe to back up Devwah or that was going to be shallow depth spot as well.
Our WR’s have 2 JUCO studs that have some experience from JUCO, and Stewart and Pettway have a few snaps in OUR offense and SEC.
TJ Hammonds could be a wild card this year as a receiver and in a role that transforms some of the offense.
We can’t afford to lose Bijohn or Capps to injury this year.
LB is painfully void of experience after the starters, but JUCO Gabe Richardson could be important if he is as good as we hear.