My guess...After week 3

I thought it might be fun to make a prediction on the remaining schedule each week after evaluating performance, injuries, etc. At this point, I will in optimistic fashion say 6 wins:

San Jose State: (3-1) Continue to gel on both sides of ball. Should feel good about growth and momentum after this one.
Texas Aggie: (4-1) I’m going to take this as our first SEC win for Morris. Just seems “storybook like” for him to get his first win against the Aggies.
Kentucky: (4-2) I’d like to put this in the “w” column because they seemed to be getting beat up, but I won’t because young kids on the road will look even more like young kids.
Auburn: (4-3) Closer than anyone expected, but we aren’t deep enough to finish.
Alabama: (4-4) Never really close. Lose by 28+.
Mississippi State: (5-4) We win a close one at home. Team feeling better about themselves.
Western Kentucky: (6-4) Closer than fans would like, but we are all happy that we got to 6 wins.
LSU: (6-5) Tigers too much in second half and pull away to win comfortably.
Missouri: (6-6) I really want to put this in the win column, but don’t feel it at this point. I’m saying a coin flip here depending on our team’s health.

San Jose St - I agree with you. We go 3-1
Texas aTm - I think we lose this game, but I think Starkel and the team will do everything they can to send aTm a message they screwed up by letting Starkel leave. This game will show the team they can compete with anyone. 3-2
KY - I’m still waiting on the next few weeks. AR has a cupcake game against SJSU and then an aTm game they’ll be motivated in, then they get a week off to plan for KY. KY has a backup QB (who looked good against FL), but now they have to play Miss St and then go to USCE. I can see KY losing both them and being down when we go there (this is the domino I kept saying fell that may get us to a Bowl game). 4-2
AUB - I think it maybe closer than some think, but AUB is a good team. 4-3
Bama - enough said - 4-4
Miss St - They have LSU, aTm, us, and then Bama. I think they’ll be beat up a little. Since it’s at home, I think we pull off the upset. 5-4
W KY - Like you, I think this will be a lot closer than some think, but it gets us to 6 wins. 6-4
LSU - We get W KY, Bye, then LSU. They get Bama, Ole Miss, us, aTm. Very easily can get caught, but I think ultimately LSU wins. They’re really good. 6-5
Missery - In Little Rock, they will have nothing to play for, we might, but Little Rock will be the swing in our favor. 7-5

Yes, I know I picked us 4-8, but man I can hope can’t I.

Kentucky does not come here.
We play them in Lexington

I’m bitterly clinging to my original 5-7 prediction. The only thing I got wrong, is which ssissippi team we would beat.

I’m hoping right along with you…but my head says your 4 - 8 prediction is money in the bank. We get 5 wins and I’ll say look out next season, our guys are playing hard and improving but we would need the perfect storm so to speak to see a bowl game. Man I hope I’m dead wrong ! WPS

Yep, when we go there

Yeah, I think that too. My heart is telling me something else.

I think we win all the nc games to get our minimum of the 4 I predicted in preseason. However, it’s hard for me to expect 2 SEC wins since one of the ones I thought we had the best chance to beat has come & gone & we lost.

The SEC game are most likely to win is MState. It’s here & they’re not great. I think UK is winnable, but it’s on the road & UK looks better than we do right now, even with their backup QB. (And UK has beaten us several times when it shouldn’t have. I know that has nothing to do with this year’s game, but I’m allowing superstition to guide me here.)

MU might be winnable in LR, but it’s unlikely if Bryant is healthy. If he’s not, I like our chances.

We won’t beat LSU, Bama, or Aub. Just hope we keep them competitive. I don’t want to lose any game by more than 4 TD’s, but all three are capable of beating us badly.

Kentucky will be a very difficult out - they are really good on both lines of scrimmage. Their OL is fantastic

You are correct, they look really good right now, but they have at least two difficult SEC games while we have one and a cupcake. They could have all the wind out of their sails by the time of our game. Not saying we will win, but I think other than Mistake it’s probably our best chance at a SEC win.

As for your estimation about how good they are, didn’t you say the same about Colorado St?

The A&M game could be a lot of fun if what you say holds true. I once thought Kentucky was a good chance. But I’m not so sure now. Kentucky is good in the trenches. That’s how you build a program and Stoops has done a nice job in that area.

Nope - never said CSU was as good as Kentucky. Thrilled we won that game and glad to be wrong about the outcome. I said they were really good on offense and stand by that. We’re fortunate the QB did not play the whole game.

I like our chances better against MSU than Kentucky.

I agree with you about that. KY impressed me against FL, but they consider FL the same way we considered Texas. Didn’t know that until I watched the game.

Mistake hasn’t looked good to me, yet. Sure they will by the time we play them.