My gosh, who is...

this Trest guy? Coming in bringing it at 95. Tell me his story…


I never saw him pitch in fall ball, he only played in the field. But he darned sure was impressive on the mound today!

I’ve known about Trest for a long time. He was one of the first players to commit to the 2018 class. I think Tony Vitello really liked him.

He’s actually a two-way player and can play outfield. I remember him hosing Christian Franklin at second base during a scrimmage last fall. And I’ve seen him go deep in scrimmages, too.

But as you saw today, there is a lot of potential there as a pitcher because of his arm strength. I also thought he showed some mental toughness today. He was pitching for the first time and trying to keep a shutout intact, and had his outfielder drop a ball to the first batter he faced. It didn’t rattle him. There’s something to be said for that.

I was very impressed with his mound presence as well as that 95 mile an hour moving fastball and sharp breaking ball he needs to be pitching more in my opinion you can’t teach 95 and have control with it.

I would like to see him on the mound a lot more. Really live arm and had his composure. Impressive and it shows he may be a future weekend starter down the road.

He was sitting in the 90s with movement and throwing strikes with off speed stuff. Very impressive, especially considering we hadn’t heard much of anything about him.

It sorta reminds me of when I first saw Cronin really bring it. You weren’t sure what he would end up being but knew he had big-time potential.

Can anyone say “Zach Jackson”?

He has plenty of attention now. That cat is out of the bag.
The arm is there. The rest of his story is yet to be told.

I like good surprises.

I asked Van Horn this afternoon if Trest was still a two-way player. Not anymore, he said.

Van Horn said Trest made the transition to full-time pitcher a couple of weeks ago. Before the transition his fastball was running about 89-91. It was up there yesterday, but that is not what the coaches have seen consistently from him in some live action off to the side that has been designed to get some of the less-used hitters some work.

Trest might get a two-inning start Wednesday. I’ll be interested to see if he can replicate what he did in the game.

Trest was slow starting in January. That’s when Van Horn told him he wasn’t going to do anything but pitch. That might have been tough to swallow at first for someone who “really likes to hit,” Van Horn said. But he lifted his spirits and started impressing in bullpens, little by little. They had him throw a simulated game against four or five hitters after a practice about a week ago. That’s when they knew he’d turned the corner with his command and was ready for a game.

I see a little Nolan Sanburn in him. Live arm and confident.

If Trest is cochable and listenings he’s in the right place with DVH. I hope the young man keeps impressing the staff and earns more appearances in games. Wow what potential he has!

I’d like to know what all went in to that decision to move him to pitching full time. I’m sure the number of position players currently and committed had as much or more to do with it as anything, but I wonder if the numbers and analysis they can do now with all of the pitching technology played a role. In other words, did they pick up something on the track man this winter that they didn’t see before that told them he needs to be a full time pitcher?

DVH addressed Trest in his comments. He said that Trest wanted to hit and pitch, but wasn’t doing either very well. So they let him see what was going on with others. DVH wanted him to pitch. Finally Trest decided on his own that he would pitch and forget hitting. You saw the results.

rick ankiel hopefully?

Gotcha. Yea, he looked pretty good on Sunday. You can never have too many good bull pen arms, but at this point if he can consistently do what he did Sunday, we’re bordering on an embarrassment of riches of reliable arms compared to years past. The more the merrier though, you can always find an inning for a good pitcher, especially come May and June.

[quote]rick ankiel hopefully?

but hopefully without the “Pitching Yips!”