My Gosh Kopps has nothing

about to let them back in the game b/c of it! figures he would have a bad outing agianst the worst team in the league…SMH

Very frustrating. We’ve had this game since the first inning, but made several mistakes to keep from blowing it open. Now all of a sudden we’re looking at giving them a big inning. Cronin needs to get out of this badly.

Very fortunate to get out of that allowing only 1 run. I’d like to get it back here in the 9th.

Good Job of Cronin only goiving up 1.the offense has not been sharp after the 1st 2 innings we have let them shut us down and why the game is still close.need a couple here.

always good to get the 1st one but we better hope we swing the bats better next game b/c Thompson is light yrs better than any of those guys Kent brought in and shut us down…Hopefully Wicklander will be on again,probably going to be low scoring game.

Yeah, tomorrow’s game is a little concerning against their best pitcher, considering how we were pretty much shut down, held scoreless from the second inning on. It seemed like they lost a little plate discipline after the second inning.
We won and that is great! Just hoping we can win tomorrow. Every win is critical right now. Especially since we are playing KY. Definitely need to win THIS series!

It’s a win no matter how crazy it was! I hope the rain don’t cause a double header for Sunday. Next week series with LSU @ Baum starts on Thursday!
Kopps will be fine everyone has a bad night every once in a while. Cronnin came in and for the job done. Maybe he can go Sunday if he’s needed.