My goodness, Amber Ramirez

She is firing from DEEP.
Talking NBA range

And she is 7/10 halfway through second quarter for 21 points

Team has about 12-13 3s Amazing!

Smoking Hot from 3! When they play hard nosed defense they can beat anybody in the country.

Finished with 19 treys. Which is a new program and SEC record. And will scare the crap out of every team they might face in San Antonio in the Dance.

I’ve noticed something watching a few of the women’s games. Dungee rarely picks up any fouls in the first half, unless she gets called for a charge. But I guess CMN jumps their butt at halftime about not playing D, so she’ll pick up three or four fouls after halftime. Did it last night. No fouls at halftime, finished with four.

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