My former AAU player Keljin Blevins has signed

with Rapid București basketball in Romania. He got a guaranteed contract for the remaining 5 months of the season.

He left last Friday and plays his first game today.

Please keep him in your prayers. It was tough on him leaving his family back in Portland. To me he’s still my baby so I worry about him being overseas but I know basketball is his dream.

My son, K.J., and his team left for Hawaii this morning. If you don’t mind keeping him in your prayers for safe travels.

Love you guys!


Praying Jeff…

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Jeff, if you don’t mind me asking, what kind of money will Keljin make playing in Romania?

Sure wish you could have gone to Hawaii with KJ. Hope he balls out!

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I didn’t ask him an exact amount but he told me it was quiet a bit. They gave him an apartment, a car to drive while he is there and pay for 3 meals a day. I think he said his first 80k is tax free also.

They have a game today in about an hour so I will update you guys on how he did. He’s had a hard time adjusting to the time change but hopefully he will have a good game today.

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Thank you LD!

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Doesn’t sound like a bad gig, plus Eastern European women are gorgeous!


Hope he remembers that as a US citizen it may be tax free over there, but not over here. Unless he spends more than 330 days next year in Romania, which I doubt.

Damian Lillard’s financial team handles all of Keljin’s business so he’s in good hands.


There you go…getting sound device on these matters is essential so a kid can make good decisions with his money.

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There is a Foreign Earned Income Exclusion upto $100,000 (this amount may have changed), depending on how your income was treated in Romania. He may mean that it is tax free from US income taxes.

In his first game yesterday Keljin played 22 minutes and had 4 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assist and 2 steals and his team won 87-62.

While texting after the game I asked him how the food was over there. He says “pretty good but I have ate at Popeyes twice already coach”…somethings never change…lol


Interesting, isn’t it? Other than few isolated countries, one can stick to a strict American diet everywhere. But hopefully he will try some fine gourmet Romanian dishes.

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I believe you have to be over there 330 days to qualify for that exclusion

I don’t know that Popeyes ever qualifies as part of a “strict” diet. :rofl:

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Popeyes is hard to beat, no matter where you go. Sometimes you just need to eat a bait of fired chicken.

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