My first Razorback Football Game

I’m heading to see Ole Miss on Saturday with my wife. it will be my first game. I’ve been to a handful of basketball games and a few baseball games, but never a football game.

I’m not really sure where the seats are. “Stadium seats on the lower east side”. My sister-in-law works for the UA, convincing people to give money to the UA, and was able to find the tickets for us. So, when we get the tickets on Friday, we will know for sure.

I am super excited. It’s going to be cold, but it will be a lot of fun I am sure.

I hope we beat the snot out of em!

Go Hogs!!


So now we know where the real problem lies. Gentry has not been attending. Doggone it all. Maybe he’s a good luck charm.

Gentry 56
Kiffen, uh Kifen, Kiffin whatever -0-


Well gentry now that’s cool. I was 7 or 8 for my first game. WE could use some good luck.

I’m not sure if my Mother ever went to a game, and she was a huge fan…


Gentry this is what is expected from you. You gotta run out on the field and do this to Jaxon Dart.


When you see a fat guy try to get on the field and get totally jacked, you will know I tried it…


Hey, that’s great. Enjoy yourself Gentry!

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