My first Hogs Baseball game!

My wife, Lisa and I will be staying at Lake Ft Smith in late April. Some friends will be joining us for a few days and we decided to check out a baseball game while we are there. I bought tickets for the Hogs vrs Arkansas Pine Bluff game on Tuesday the 28th.
I’ll be 68 and this will be my first ever Hogs baseball game to attend. The four of us will be sitting in the first baseline, 105 section, row P. I’ve never been to the stadium so I have no idea the Quality of the seating assignment. It won’t matter though!!!
I bought my tickets thru Stubhub. The seats were $40 each. I was surprised at all the added fees though!
We are excited! I love baseball and can’t wait to get to Baum/walker Stadium! I’m sure I will want to go back for more!!
Go Hogs‼️

Those are good seats. You will be behind the visitor’s dugout.

BTW, there are only one or two bad seats in Baum-Walker Stadium.

Thanks, BH!
I thought the Hogs were moving to the first base dugout. Oh well, that’s ok.
I’m just praying for decent weather! I’ll be prepared either way!!

Arkansas is going to move to the first base dugout in 2021 after the construction of the new operations center.

Your trip sounds like a good one. My grandparents used to live at Lake Fort Smith and I’ve gone back several times as an adult. It’s a nice state park and a good, short trip from Fayetteville.

When I was a kid one of my favorite parts of going to or coming home from Fayetteville was seeing the lake from Highway 71 around Artist Point.

Sounds good, Matt! Thanks for the reply!
This will be our first stay at Lake Ft. Smith.

You will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Baum is one of my favorite places in the world to be. It’s a very comfortable stadium with nice amenities. Of course, what makes it so enjoyable is that it’s a home game for the Hogs & everyone around you shares the same love toward them. I wish I could attend more games there. If I lived in NWA, I don’t think I’d miss a game. Unfortunately, living in LR makes it hard to make as many as I’d like.

Come early and enjoy the entire experience. Watching the teams prepare for the game is a treat. It’s my favorite part of the day. I can do work while they take BP and take infield/outfield. That’s the nice part of my work. I just take my laptop to the ball park and sit in the press box. I’m usually the only one there then and I’ve written many a story before a baseball game. They play my favorite music on the loud speakers (mostly country).

Clay, the game starts at 6:30, how soon should we get there to enjoy all the pregame activities?

I think the gates open two hours before the game begins. That’s when the team begins taking batting practice and fielding.

Thanks, Matt!
We’ll be there!!

Matt is right about the time that the gates open. We start tailgating about 3 hours before first pitch, so stop by and say “Hi!” We are the BaumBQ Squad, the group on the West end of the line of tailgaters along Baum Drive (just across and slightly East of gate B). We have an old pickup with a shack built atop it. Look for BaumBQ on the side of the shack (aka the SnautHaus.)

I’ll be there until about an hour before first pitch.

Thanks for the info!
We will definitely try and look you up!!
It just keeps getting better!!!

This is the Snaut Haus.

Love it!!
You won’t be hard to find!!!

I would not eat before you arrive. Guaranteed to be delicious BBQ. No one has ever invited me, so you are special. I’ve heard it’s pretty good stuff.

We are absolutely gonna look him up!
Thanks for your feedback, Clay!
You guys have been great with all your info.
I’m looking forward to everything the day has to offer!

Well, if you look “him” up, you won’t find him. But you might find me.

Oops! Please accept my apology!!
I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting any members of this board!!
I had no idea.
We will still definitely look you up. Clay says you have some really good BBQ!

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