My fire and hatred for Tex A&M (Spit)

Other than winning the “Boot” and beating LSU

I would love to win the S/W Classic trophy and mudd stomp Tex A&M

The games have been great except - Arkansas loosing

This is unacceptable - they are a true rivial and we need to mudd stomp them

Just wait till next year

Completely agree with you as I live and work in San Antonio and am surrounded by ding dong Aggies at every turn. Definitely tired of taking it on the chin at the office. We must destroy them at every other sport this year.

Ditto to all of the above.
Waiting another year will be the 7th eternity though.

Guys, I don’t like losing to the Aggies, but I don’t hate them in the way I hate the Cows (Longhorns). I have so many Aggie friends that are just like us. They have their quirky yell leaders, that you have to give them credit for being man enough to do those cheers, but I can’t hate them. Unfortunately, since they entered the SEC, they moved up in the pecking order for high profile and talented recruits because of their geographical location. The graduates from A&M are superior to most other schools.

They don’t come close to my disdain for Missy and Allburn.
But I am disgusted losing to the Aggies over and over.

I am glad we don’t play Georgia or Florida this year.