My Final Four

Houston, UConn, Bama and UT Vols

UT Vols over Houston for the title

(hope I’m wrong and Hogs make it 3 for the SEC)


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I like your BAMA, UT, Houston, but I will stick with the Hogs … a win either way since after Thursday I ride the Hogs to back to the final four or forget basketball and turn to UA baseball and softball…\

One of these years, Gonzaga is going to run the table. I don’t see a lot of difference between UCLA, Gonzaga, UConn and the Hogs. Yes, there is a reason all three were seeded ahead of the Hogs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Arkansas won two games in Vegas. But I also think Gonzaga is going to get hot and run the table. They have been there too many times.


I put my bracket on the ESPN challenge early last week. I had Virginia, Houston, Tennessee and Arkansas in the final 4. And the Vols playing the Hogs in the championship game with Arkansas winning our 2nd National Championship. I’m an admitted homer with rose colored glasses drinking the kool aide. But I’m still alive except for Virginia.


I have Texas beating Houston in the final. I can’t explain why. Don’t like either :man_shrugging:t3:

You are playing percentages. That works more than it doesn’t.

I have Murderers vs Saints, or Alabama versus Arkansas, in the final with the hogs winning.

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That Fred…would be very cool.

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