My feeling was wrong

…in terms of win versus lose.

The special teams gaff was again the difference.

But man, what a defensive effort. We have a defense. A good one! Dre being back is HUGE.

Our o-line got whipped. And we missed Devwah…especially in pass pro.

Losing stinks.

But I love watching the Hogs…and the older I get the more I realize they are a source of happiness for me…not a source of anger or frustration. So I choose happiness. I’m disappointed in the loss. Proud of the way they played.

Better days ahead.

Amen, good post. WPS

Also shows that, while we have major holes on offense, our defense is good enough for us to be competitive against decent SEC competition (a laugh in your face proposition last week)

We just have to find a way to just be not horrible on offense and we will at least win some games and build for the future. If healthy I think we have 3-4 guys on Defense (Scoota, Pulley, Greenlaw and Agim) who could play on Sundays.

The offense has to move the chains some to give them a chance.

Totally agree about those 4 being NFL bound at some point. Randy Ramsey would be a one trick pass rushing pony…its a longshot for him…but you never know.

I think Scoota and Dre go on to have good NFL careers…if they stay healthy.

Our defense played well last week but all the short fields made it way too easy for the Gus Bus. Played pretty well today too although Williams got way too many yards. Their FG kicker let us stay in contention.

I think the D played well today. Period. Yes, we gave up run yards. And there were 2 missed FGs. But even if they make the 2 fgs our D giave up 23 points. Considering our offense wasn’t doing much…and given this era of offensive football…giving up 23 to a team like the Aggies is a good effort.

Not great perhaps. But good.

It was nearly winning football…without the kick return.

I am hopeful.

Maybe its because I want to be.

But I am.

We held them to 17 offensive points 2-10 on 3rd down, with 2 interceptions, 3 sacks and less yards than Bama and Clemson. I’ll take that all day.

Improvement is what we seen, this team needs to take the Tom Petty route and keep it "I Won’t Back Down’

Particularly loved the last three paragraphs of your post, Hogmaestro. They brought back fond memories of the fan attitude from many years back, “They’re our Hogs, they’re doing the best that they can, and I support them to the end!” Nobody wants to be less than the best (we can only be as good as our capabilities permit), and as long as our boys are giving it their all, they have my (and should be all of our) full support. Hopefully future recruiting and good coaching will make this easier to do. (Look back at the postings since the end of the game and be sure to notice how nice it is to read all of the comments. I’ll leave the point of the above sentence to your own imagination.)