My fear for the Ark v Texas Tech game tonight...

We will start off good with Casey Murphy zero’d in on his pitching then
we will get a weather delay that will screw up our pitching!!

This weather could burn our pitching and really screw things up!!


Good point

Tech doesn’t have great pitching - they’ll be affected, too

Just like at Georgia

Looks like its just been postponed until 11am tomorrow.

So tired of all the rain crap in Omaha. I’d much prefer to be
getting all this rain in Arkansas where my poor dry pasture
could sure use a drink!!

I was just saying this to a friend over the phone before they announced the postponement. Murphy is our biggest advantage in this particular game. Both teams can hit the ball, but our starting pitcher is better than theirs. I want 6 or 7 innings out of him - not 2 and then we get shut down for several hours or a day.