My favorite baseball truism

“Momentum is always only as good as the next day’s pitcher”

Please, Mr Wiggins, have you head on straight today


Yep that’s why you can never get to high or too low in baseball. He has to learn how to be a pitcher and not a thrower, the sooner the better.

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Throw strikes. He will give up hits. Just can’t walk em.

Yeah strikes are important but mixing pitches is too,He was using CB well there for a little bit on 1st pitches but has gone back to FB a lot more recently it seems and they are all looking for that.

That is my point. Breakers has to be a strike. Gotta land the breaker for a strike.


absolutey…just like you did last night with that nasty cutter :slightly_smiling_face:

Wiggins tends to have better outing at Baum. We will see.
Just dont try to blow it by Elko.

In 40+ innings in SEC play he has an ERA over 7. He’s not a SEC caliber starter. I shudder to think him starting in a Game 3 Super Regional

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He reminds me some of what Isaiah Campbell was in 2018. He had moments where he looked phenomenal and moments where he looks overmatched. I chalk a lot of that up to the fact that he’s learning to pitch. If he ever puts it all together like Campbell did, he could be a special talent.


Gravity drop.

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He is a kid with loads of talent who should only get better. He is either a starter at this point or a bench warmer. Can’t move him to the pen and crush his confidence. Can’t bring him in at a tight moment and hope he throws strikes. He is what he is and DVH keeps sending him out there. Good enough for me.


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