My favorite article on Nolan

Watching the National Championship game between Duke and Arkansas, (during the Arkansas takeover of the SEC network) I was reminded of my favorite article by Frank Deford. It was written in March of 1988 in the form of a play.

Got To Do Some Coachin’

The article should be archived in the BWA museum.

A few observations that stuck out in re-watching the NC game.

  1. It was nice getting reacquainted with Corey Beck. He perhaps had the best two-way game of any Hog that night. Beck demonstrated that a guard can be efficient around the basket in the halfcourt and on the break without hardly leaving his feet. Create space with your body and make the bunny shot. Modern players give up too many points trying to make spectacular, highlight finishes. His ballhandling and D were exemplary.

  2. CNR and CMA don’t get near enough credit for teaching smart ballhandling. Even Arkansas fans will tell you that Hawgball throws the ball around willy-nilly. Many have no idea that this system is frequently among the nation’s best in assists and (lack of) TOs per possession. That team passed well at every position. It was so refreshing watching how efficient they were on the break with nary a dunk.

  3. The defensive rebounding was awesome in that game, while the guards still applied pressure on the ball. Hmmm. Kingsley and Thompson rebound awfully well. If Barford, Macon, Beard, Jones, and Glasper can pressure the ball…Thompson can be a better player than Robinson before he leaves.

  4. Corliss was an awesome athlete. He could block a shot at one end and be the first guy down the court at the other.

  5. Depth won that game. Duke had nothing left in the tank after a quick spurt to open the second half. Other than Beck and Scotty none of our guys had particularly spectacular nights. Corliss was even fairly average for Corliss. However, everybody made a play or two.

What a wonderful article

Does anyone remember the vicious parody that John Robert Starr wrote, based on this? Published in the Arkansas Democrat. The man was devoid of some basic human qualities, and the Democrat will be tainted forever in my mind for publishing decades of the man’s idiocy.

That was before I lived in Fayetteville and took the paper. I have heard of some of the horrid things that went on back then, but thankfully I missed them.

JRS thought he knew a lot about both basketball and politics, but I never saw much evidence he knew anything about either one. He also was a curmudgeon (and I’m being generous with that description; a certain well-hidden body part would be more appropriate) and proud of it.

Prominent place in my library (as does my DeSpain of Sidney)

Prominent place in my library (as does my DeSpain of Sidney)

Yes, I do remember. JRS was a mean vicious guy. He obviously wasn’t ready for a black head coach at Arkansas.

O Mercy, I miss those days and times.
Back in the day I never missed a game.
Health issues are making me think about dropping the best seats in the house.
Money and health issues.
I need to post to see IF anyone will split my seats this year…
Times coming!!!
34 years. Makes me just about cry to think about letting them go…