My favorite animal besides dogs


Augustave probably doesn’t like them either.

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I have become very fond of chipmunks. My Labrador retriever, who used to chase squirrels until they became trash ducks in her mind and are ignored that way, has made it her mission in life that no chipmunk on HER property is ever undisturbed. She spends hours stalking, ambushing, and doing her best to make life miserable for them. Hours of entertainment for me. (No one tell Game and Fish but she sometimes hunts over baited fields).

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They are definitely nicer creatures than their nasty cousins from Canada. I’ve always thought that goats were pretty cool.

I bring bread to a broken wing goose at our golf course. She’s been there 4 winters and of course recognizes me from afar and will come to me rather than anyone in our group because I normally have treats for her. Other geese know I favor her and they seem to hang with her to get her scraps. Lots of fun for me and the guys. ( I lure them all away from greens and fairways with my treats, which helps somewhat.)

By far our favorite besides Sandy dog is donkeys. They have quite the personality and are excellent about sounding an alarm.

Don’t know about favorites, but most hated are armadillos. I have been up nightly of late for a hunt. They were turning over a new flower bed.

No damage last two nights. I found out why on a trip to Little Red this morning. My closest neighbor got three two nights ago. He is my hero.

We have regular damage from deer but they leave the new flowers alone so far. They are still my friends. These pics are from our dining room at sun rise. There are two fawns but they were not in same frame. Gorgeous animals and they love our backyard. We don’t have a feeder but they find plenty here to make them happy including some rose bushes.

I sort of like brown trout, too. I’m seen in background of this 21 inch brown trout caught by Shep Campbell with his dad and me. Caught on sulphur dry fly on White River. There is an epic hatch now.

Here is where armadillos were wreaking havoc. Maybe safe for a bit.

I’ve not been around horses much but I’ve always thought they were just absolutely incredible animals… so strong and majestic. Just beautiful creatures.


I miss my horses. We spent much of the 70’s working with our horses. They are fascinating.

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After my trip to Arkansas (from North Carolina) for my birthday in August, starting in Memphis and ending in Tulsa, it might be ducks, as we are staying at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Even though I am pretty sure the Black Lab puppy I am leaving behind would not have ducks as his second favorite animal :smile:.

Horses were our partners in the establishment of civilization(s). Out of respect, I would never eat horse (or dog) unless it were a last resort situation. The verse from Job (39:19-25) about a war horse that begins the movie “Secretariat” describes his character and readiness to serve. Many of the books about horses I’ve read have been made into movies, mostly well done. “Smoky” by Will James was the first book that seemed really “big” to me; large and thick. That was the summer between the 7th and 8th grades. It was the story of a cow pony that joined a band of wild horses. A bit later I read “The Black Stallion”, also a fine movie much later. I could go on, but will leave it there.

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Yes civilization would have not been the same without the horse that’s for sure. Just an amazingly strong animal that will literally run itself to death before it quits on you.

Did not realize armadillos, aka “possum on the half shell” by Louisiana Cajuns, were that common in Arkansas.

They have been expanding their range for a long time. We have one or more living under our deck. Drives our Scotties crazy! A couple of times when I’ve taken the dogs out (leashed) a ‘dillo would bolt from the shrubs by the front door and all hell would break loose at midnight :rofl:. They are hard to trap. Our neighbor has a vendetta against them kind of like Caddyshack.

Horses AND dogs were our partners in the establishment of civilization of course. Dogs for hunting, horses for travel. And other things, companionship included. Combined in fox hunting.

Speaking of horses and horse movies, one list has “Seabiscuit” as the greatest horse movie of all time. The movie is based on a Laura Hillebrand book. I ordered it from Amazon for a friend of mine who owns and rides a horse (and has a dog and loves them too). My Yellow Lab puppy found the package before I did and ate it and half the book. Had to order it again. Guess the dog wanted to be sure he remained in first place with horses at best second.


Years ago while visiting my brother in CO, we were at a movie and they began showing previews, I almost jumped out of my seat and shouted when it was apparent that they had made a movie of “Seabiscuit”, which I had recently read. As far as horse movies go, “War Horse” would have to get consideration; gripping and emotional, it shows the gritty side of the war machine that was WWI. The absolute dependence on horses in that useless conflict was the last time man depended on them to that extent.

One of my friends has a gorgeous yard adjacent to White River. His banks get wet in afternoon. Dry in mornings. Armadillos love that. He’s killed 25 in 5 years. He has a motion detector that sends an alarm with video. They do not last long.

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The first armadillo I ever saw was on my farm on the Grant/Jefferson county line cira 1975. It was dusty dark and the armadillo scampered right between several of us talking. Scared us to death. That was the first armadillo I ever saw in Arkansas. Apparently they migrated from Texass….sigh.

They knew Texas sucks.


Wild hogs are destroying ranch land throughout much of central Texas. Have resisted the temptation to tell ut friends/ranchers that it is only because wild hogs recognize how much Texas sucks.