My Duke scouting report from Durham NC

As some may know, I am a Duke alum and current faculty member (although life long Arkansas fan). I’d guess I’m the only person on this board who has seen every AR game (except Hofstra) + every Duke game this season on TV + a number in person.

Duke is basically Auburn with much bigger and better guards. Have one 7 footer who is a great defender that can also score in the post (Williams), pretty similar to Kessler. Williams moves better but is not as strong. Banchero is similar to Jabari Smith except bigger and a better/more willing driver and not quite as good a shooter from deep. Probably a wash with Aubie at those 2 spots. Roach/Griffin/Moore on the perimeter much bigger and smarter than Aubie guards who tend to shoot them out of games. Keels who is now coming off the bench is a freshman version of Toney (really big an strong) but better 3 point shooter. Tend to only go 7-8 deep similar to Hogs.

Duke is really really good when playing at their peak (as they have the last couple of games) and would probably win at 10 game series 7-3. They have 4-5 guys on their team who will be first round draft choices (Banchero, Williams, Griffin, Keels). Of course in the dance, it’s only 1 game and anything can happen. Should be a great game! Has been an amazing season for the Hogs regardless of outcome.


My opinion is Duke has the most complete offense we’ll face this season. I’m just hoping we can keep it close through 24 minutes, as I’d expect them to then fade with our constant pressure.

And do we have the most complete defense Duke has faced?

True stuff about Duke, but a few more… they are not a good defensive team and very average on the boards (including giving up 11 offensive boards per game). Arkansas under Muss is undefeated when getting 10 offensive boards. They are young and not nearly as experienced as the Hogs (we average two more years of college ball than Duke). They do not go deep and play mostly six players, much like the Hogs. When Duke played NC at home with the retirement party celebration for Coach K, they played terrible and got blown out. That had to do with the pressure of the moment as much as anything else. Now they are playing to keep K’s season going… a lot more pressure.


I like the way you think.

Just a couple of notes:

  1. The way we have played the last 2/3rds of the season I don’t believe any team would beat us 7 of 10 times.

  2. To me what sets us apart from Duke is our schedule, especially the last 20 games of the season:

Duke and Arkansas are both 17-3 in our last 20 games. However Duke has played just 1 ranked team during those 20 games, Texas Tech, in their last game.

Arkansas has played 7 ranked teams, including #1 twice (Aub & Gonzaga) and #6, KY. The other 4 were top 15 teams (TN twice and LSU twice). They include a #1 seed, a #2 seed, a #3 seed, and a #8 seed in this NCAA Tournament.

Yes, I’m a homer. However, taking my cardinal colored glasses off, those pure stats sure seem to point to Arkansas being the best, and most tested team of the two. You have watched Duke play great over their last 20 games, but so has Arkansas, and over better competition. One caveat in Duke’s favor is that NC has clearly proven, they should have been a ranked team.

Just my opinion as a Razorback fan.

It should be one great game tonight with 2 excellent teams.


TT is/was our equivalent in swarm defense mode, and Duke solved it. Wierd That Coach K went zone which is a chink in the armor but might throttle us lest we find a zone bustger shooter. We have more mo and Duke has more NBA talent, pure wash. Not thinking about Coach K? sure and let me saell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

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TBS played an interview with Coach K about that very subject. He had interesting comments. He said he thought AR and TT had the 2 best defenses in the country. But he then said they play defense very differently. He mentioned TT swarms and clogs up the middle. He said Arkansas has the quickest lateral movement on defense that he’s seen. That the Hogs can stay in front of the ball using that quickness.


I expect to see some zone tonight some too because we sure haven’t shown we can shoot from outside.




I expect to see some zone tonight some too because we sure haven’t shown we can shoot from outside.

Hope not…

Yeah I heard that interview as well. And I agree. We don’t play D like Tech.

I live in Chapel Hill and am an
Arkansas fan first, then UNC. But have seen Dook a lot. Very good analysis.

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