My daughter sent me a cool text

Hogs 22nd win, on 2/22/22 led by Notae with 22 points.

This game was just meant to be!

This team is some kind of tough!


deuces wild!!


Wow. Lots of 2’s today.


That is too cool!!


And televised on ESPN 2


“too cool” I see what you did there


We all watched it 2.

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You mean 2 cool!

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Well actually you saw something that I didn’t see LOL. Don’t laugh at me you know I’m old :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah if I would have been smart enough that’s the way I would have said it LOL

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Laughing with ya bro, not at ya.

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Me 2! Me 2!

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No I knew you weren’t brother, I was just picking !

Just 2 funny!

Guys, I’m begging to believe that the Hogs are a pretty good team! Seriously though they are playing some real good ball! Defense has been the difference in the success of this team. They still aren’t a good shooting team but they just seem to come up with some clutch and timely baskets.

We are in the midst of a “Golden era” for palindromes!

If only JD wore No. 2.

46% from the field and 38% from 3 and 85% on FT’s ain’t that bad in road game.
Just that FL couldnt miss a 3 pointer in 1st half, made 6 dang near in a row. Still trailed at halftime. But only made 2 in 2nd half and dropped to 32% on the night.
We made 1 3 pointer in 1st half out of a dozen, but made 6 in 2nd half when they really counted and wound up 38% on the night.

Hard to keep hitting those 3 when your tired and FL was tired.

And on a Twosday.


My daughter turned 22 on 2 2 22

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