My concern for QB next year

is that Ty is a great competitor but terribly inconsistent. Noland is going to be splitting time with football/baseball during the spring and usually when that happens one of the sports will suffer. None of others on campus now are SEC caliber QB’S. Jefferson maybe the best QB st Arkansas since Joe Ferguson BUT he is a true freshman and how many true freshman who start are successful that first year! Yes Ferguson did play in his first game against Stanford but he didn’t start every single game and that is a huge difference!

I believe there will be a junior college or grad transfer added to the mix.

Freshmen were not eligible then. Joe was on the Shoats in 1969 and the backup behind Bill Montgomery in 1970. I don’t believe Joe started any games until 1971.

I don’t think “being successful” next year is going to happen, no matter who we have playing QB. At least not if being successful means having a winning record. Next year should be about getting better and building for future success. That probably means taking our lumps with an inexperienced quarterback or two.

Incorrect. Montgomery started the Stanford game but Ferguson came when Bill couldn’t move the team. Montgomery returned and we darn near won. The year was 1970 and the game was in LR.

Either you have the year wrong or you are wrong about him playing or you are wrong about him being a freshman in 1970, because freshmen did not become eligible until 1972. … 06011.html

Edit: I reread your original post. You implied in that post that Ferguson was a freshman in 1970. He evidently was a freshman in 1969.

Joe was a freshman in 1969. Joe started the W State (1970) game after they had their plane flew into mountain on the way to play Colo State.

I don’t know when freshman became eligible but. Arkansas played both Stanford and Wichita State in 1970 according to records. Ferguson played in Stanford game which was first game of season in LR. I was there! Unfortunately so was Jim Plunket and Stanford. I believe Ferguson was first freshman to play for US but I could be wrong.

Freshman became eligibile again in 1972, which was Joe Ferguson senior year.

According to records Ferguson played at Arkansas from 1970-72 so he was a freshman in 1969 and therefore couldn’t play until his sophomore year1970. He played from 1970-72 at Arkansas and was drafted in the third round by the Buffalo Bills in 1973. He still holds record for passing against Texas A & M in 1971! Brings back fond memories!

Thanks Dud. I like hearing that from an inside source. Will be anxiously waiting the news.