My Column: Remembering Jim Bailey

Here’s a column I wrote to remember Jim Bailey: … rtswriter/

Aloha Clay,

An outstanding article on a stellar person.

For us old timers, we grew up reading your father and Jim. We didn’t realize how spoiled we were until we left Arkansas and became exposed to other less proficient writers. Life is relative and the superstars easily stand out.

I realize our time on this earth is limited. But it never eases the deep pain when someone dear to us departs. Most especially a legend in our time. Like your father, Jim is a part of me. I will always cherish and miss him.


What a moving tribute Clay. You’ve had two of the best mentors and I know they are proud of you and your work. More importantly they are proud of you as a husband, father and friend. As always your work on people you love paints a great picture of how they influenced your life.

I’ve read many an article written by Jim but I never knew he was such a special guy.
Thanks for sharing. And prayers for his family and friends.

“No editing necessary.”

As per our own Mr. Henry.
Another mindful tribute.

Great column Clay. I have to admit I am green with envy of the life you lived as a teenager!

Clay had kind of a ‘fly on the wall’ experience in his young years.


Thank you for writing that…

Great work, Clay. Bet Jim would be proud.

Clearly, I did not know how lucky I was. Sometimes you realized these were special men or times, but usually it was all just work to them. But I do know our work is fun 99 percent of the time.

Great work Clay. These tributes are happening way to often!