My choices for next coach

I would take any of these three. Kiffin, Pittman, Holtz. They are all completely different but all could get Arkansas competitive in SEC again.

Kiffin too unstable. Pittman… no head coaching experience. Holtz not enough Power 5 experience.

Kiffin is far from unstable! Pittman who a lot of players want is an outstanding recruiter and was the best OL coach Arkansas ever had. Holtz is an excellent coach including football scoop. The 1st year coach at Kansas State is doing great and he came from North Dakota State!

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Kiffin history as HC & as a coordinator for Saban has been unstable & contentious. We don’t want to be another stepping stone. Granted there are no guarantees, but can we afford to take the risk of Kiffin with this next hire?

Pittman is a great OL coach, recruiter & well respected but can he manage & coach a team & run a football program? If so, why is he not already a HC or at least an OC? He has less experience than CCM as HC so again concerned too much risk.

Where is Kiffin going to step to? He already has flamed out of the NFL and his dream job at USC.

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Kiffin is not in the position to use us as a stepping stone–at least not for some years. He’s not an up-and-comer with that kind of trajectory. He would have to take the program to a New-Year’s-Six bowl or 10 wins for another big-time program to give him the time of day.

At that point, if he wants to jump ship, I say, go for it.

That’s the problem I have with some of the up-and-comers; they will likely only need to get us to about 8 wins or so for people to say, "wow, look at what they did with Arkansas. I bet they can do a lot more at "

Kiffin has a lot more to do before another blue-blood would come calling. In the meantime, I’m pretty confident that Kiffin can stabilize us back to 7-8 wins fairly quickly and get us a top transfer qb. He’s a born recruiter and knows how to call a big game against big defenses. He was made for this current transfer portal climate.

I think Bama has one more championship if he’s calling that game against Clemson.

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I agree. You could tell in last years NCG that they really missed Kiffin but Saban would never say that! If he could get Arkansas winning 7-8 games a year consistently and 9/10 once every 5 years or so fans would be thrilled and so would I. Looking back at our schedule this year how many games would Kiffin had won? I say 7 maybe 8. We would have won all our non conference games. + Ole Miss, Kentucky, and maybe either A & M, or Missouri. As Wally said this morning and I don’t agree with him often you never allow a temporary AD hire the next football coach!

As much as it pains me to say it I think Kiffin would be my choice of the ones being discussed here. He has that instant name recognition that the recruits would/could get excited about. He is a very good offensive minded coach and would need a good defensive coordinator and he has connections to find one.

He has been around the block and I don’t think he’d be out of here really quick IF he became successful. He’d have to be really really successful for big names to come calling and as others have said… okay, I can live with that.

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True and HY wanted to hire him at Houston but got shot down. I don’t know if he is 1st on list, but he is on the list!

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Surprised that FSU does not have Kiffin on their short list of candidates.

With regards to AL, defense after Kirby Smart accounts for much of their recent struggles, including Clemson NC game. Otherwise, QB & other injuries have been the issues at AL.

Kiffin might be a good HC for us & agree he has some good history at Fl Atl. In looking at his negatives, he has no Power 5 success & other than OSU, his competition is light. His every departure has been contentious & ugly & we do not need a repeat. Also is UofA a glamorous & high profile HC job for Kiffin? HY will consider all of this. I prefer Norvell or Rhule or Drinkwitz (with more experience), but Kiffin should be a top 5 consideration & ok if he is HY’s choice.

Kiffin has more wins in less than 3 seasons at FAU than the program had combined in the 7 seasons before his arrival. FAU was a bottom feeder of the conference before he arrived.


FAU must be a small school as their home game attendance runs about 12k to 17k this season even with a relatively good team. It is almost like attending a small HS game. What a step down for Kiffin vs when he was at TN, USC, & AL.

And AL, TN, USC all were a step downs from the NFL-Raiders. Call it what ya want but Kiffin keeps getting his chances because of his football mind. He tripped over his own ego & immaturity quite a bit before, Sometimes that’s called taking your lumps & learning your craft. He had to be humbled & prove himself again. Done that at FAU quite admirably. Seems matured now & I think would be 110% all in to come back to the SECW & build a program from scratch and finish some business. Manage his own ego wisely this time around.

Not convinced Kiffin has matured or will ever learn his lesson. It was not long ago that Kiffin got stupid again per improprieties with the HC’s daughter. That was well documented in Alabama press & was the beginning of the souring of his relationship with Saban & his divorce. I don’t care what Kiffin does in his personal life but am reluctant about the risk of another Petrino type scandal & embarrassment to the UofA. He has a history of soap opera & personal scandal that has followed him throughout his career. Good coach or not, I don’t see us taking on that baggage & risk.

Ok good point but people do or can learn from their mistakes. Especially when they know their every move is practically being watched. I guess Norvell and Freeze don’t make ur list either due to baggage.
I’m not sure how many coaches are out there without baggage. Just some or most we don’t know about & the worst time to find out is about a year after he signs big contract.
Highest paid college football coach in the country now has baggage.

Kiffin article


Fake news


The difference with Petrino & Kiffin is that they both seem to have an ongoing pattern of bad history that repeats itself. Maybe it is bad luck or perhaps they bring it upon themselves. Most recognize that it is the latter & part of their character which is why they apparently don’t learn from their mistakes. Both Petrino & Kiffin may be great coaches, but at this time can UofA take that risk with either?

Norvell may have had an issue in his past, but he seems to have since handled himself with integrity & is apparently well respected. Norvell would be one of my top 3 choices.

Please demonstrate Kiffin’s history of “issues.”