My chat with Jaylen Barford

I talked to Jaylen for a bit tonight and got a sense for where he feels he is as the draft approaches. Also got a comment from a draft analyst on JB’s game and what could be in the cards for him in the near future: … nba-draft/

Scottie, not trying to take away from Barford (saw someone project him as #46 overall), but is/or has there been any word on Macon and his workouts?

I asked Jaylen if he’d talked to Daryl lately. He said Daryl had around 5 workouts and thinks they went really well. They got to hang out together in Chicago during the combine, he said.

There seem to be concerns about his overall athleticism (like Sam Vecenie said in my story) and durability (11.65 percent body fat at the combine), but he played 1,094 minutes in 2017-18 – most among Arkansas players in the Mike Anderson era – and averaged 18 points while raising his 3FG% 20 percent year over year. You’ve got to have your legs to shoot from distance. Hopefully a team takes a chance on him.

He can get in better shape and should have been better conditioned. Given what he did his senior season, that almost seems like a plus to me in terms of drafting hin. Imagine what he might be able to do with a sculpted body. I think he was overlooked. He can score at all three levels and is a better athlete than many that were drafted.