My CCM rant

Coach Morris. We,the fan base realize you were delta a poor hand when you took this job. The previous coach left you very little to work with. Last season was understandable. But losing to lower tier teams like North Texas,and SJS are not acceptable.Poor execution,lack of fundamentals,and motivating players is your responsibility. In these you have been severely lacking. This is the SEC. This is the big time. We not only expect,but demand high standards on and off the field. We demand you field a competitive team that wins more than it losses. Not saying beat BAMA every year. But once every three or four would be nice. I know these standards may not sit well with certain members of the sports media. That’s thier problem. We, through our tax dollars pay your salary. We are your boss. Consider this an early evaluation. So far your performance has not lived up to the hype. This upsets us who have supported you and have received a lot of grief for it. You still have time to make improvements, but that time is not indefinite. Consider this a poor review. Please make improvements.