My brother…

I’m an only child and always longed for a brother. When I married Suzi August 1, 1971 I got my wish. Her older brother Wendell came into my life and from the get go we just called earth other brother. We’ve shared everything in life over those 50 plus years. Wendell is now 81 and slowing down a lot so each day with him is a blessing. Wendell and Norma (his sweet wife) came to visit us in Chattanooga a few weeks ago. He’s been able to see my grands playing baseball and basketball which is more wonderful than you can imagine. Wendell was a youth baseball coach for years in Pine Bluff and influenced hundreds of kids with his knowledge, care and love. He sure did that with my two girls.

For the first time ever me and Wendell were able to watch every moment of our Hogs journey through the NCAA tournament. I’ll always cherish these weeks. Bottom line, a brother does not have to be biological. Love that guy.


What a special and wonderful time. So glad you both made these memories.

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I have exactly that same relationship with my cousin Ryan, Danny. We were both managers together, and I couldn’t love him anymore than I do.


We can’t choose our biological family. I gave my own (older) brother what I see as several chances as adults to remain in my life but he kept proving that I needed put myself and my family first and we haven’t talked for a couple years and I don’t plan to ever again.

I say all this bc I too am lucky to have a couple of friends that I consider brothers and cherish. I’m glad you have Wendell and got that time with him.


Thanks for reminding us all of that powerful truth.

LD I’m proud you found your brother!
I dont have a brother either but I have 2 close friends that I’ve known for well over 35 years that i call and visit. Our kids and grandkids have grown up around each other. We are brothers!
Buddy is older he is 79 and Keith is 59.
They keep me going when times are tough. The take a burden off of my wife at times. Especially the last year or so.


thanks for sharing. I was an only child, and for years BEGGED my mom to “give me” a brother or sister. years later I understood how that wasn’t going to happen for a single mom, especially working full time to raise my hyper little self.

then I married Angi, the best decision of my life, and I could not be more serious when I say that. Tom and I didn’t get along well at first, until we started having kids. then we truly became family, and I’ve been proud to call him my brother for the past 20 years or so. “Family” has lots of definitions, but I love my brother. reading your post has me about to call him now, thanks for this!



Awesome memories Danny!


Heart warming story of life. Your bottom line is spot on. Time for you brothers to enjoy some hog baseball and another trip to Omaha.


You are very lucky to have found a brother.

I too am an only child and always wished for siblings. I’m adopted and I’ve always known that I was chosen. Just a couple of years ago I found my birth family, locating my birth mother after her death. It turns out that I am the oldest of 9. (My parents married about 6 months after my birth.) That’s right, I have 1 sister and 7 brothers (one deceased). I’ve met them and they are all very nice. However, there was no “magic” like you see on the TV shows. I don’t feel a part of their family. I consider myself a Barnes, not one of them. I know that I’m a disappointment to them, but that is how I feel.

So cherish your brother, you are very lucky.


Marty, your posts about your daddy always make me smile. We’re both lucky.


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