My biggest fear for the weekend

A whole lot of stopping and starting. Long days and nights at the ball park and forced to use a lot of arms.

yes very good says only 20% for today so we may be ok but 80% the other days.

Yes, but that works both ways . . . and on paper, our staff is deeper than Georgia’s.

In the longer range perspective, I don’t want to overly tax our pitchers going into the post-season. But I have to trust (and I do) that DVH is fully aware of this and will manage things accordingly. Keep in mind that even in a worse-case scenario . . . where we end up playing on Sunday (ie., making up a rained out game), we almost certainly would not play again until Thursday (yes, there is a very unlikely scenario that we could finish as the #5 seed in the Conference, and have to play on Wednesday - but it has about a 10 to 15% chance of playing out that way), giving our staff 3 complete days of rest beforehand. If we finish on Saturday, as scheduled, we probably will have 4 complete days of rest before the tournament.

In other words, we should be good and rested.

Blaine Knight will be rested for sure! I hope our bullpen is fresh come SEC tournament time! Win this game tonight and see what else happen across the league.