My biggest criticism of CBB

Has always been his stubbornness when it comes to playing the back up QB. We all remember the Alcorn State game. A rout in which our #2 guy barely played. Our four losses have not been close yet in most of them, AA has been in the game till the bitter end taking punishment he did not need to take. Now here we are at the end of the season with a beat up QB who is not playing at the level he was earlier. Was this a huge mistake on CBB’s part that could cost us these final two games?

I think the backup is Cole Kelley. He’s redshirting. That explains that. But, I understand your thoughts. If that is your biggest criticism, then you probably don’t have much that you don’t like. It appears minor to me in that one area.

I’m shocked people were surprised by this. Remember two years ago a beat up Brandon telling the coaches he was gonna play even though he could barely move. That said a lot about the coaching staffs opinion on playing a backup. I believe the backup was AA.

One quibble that I have beyond the obvious in the Auburn and LSU losses is that CBB kept punting in the second half to the point that it was more about reducing the margin than giving us a faint hope to win. There were drives in the second halves in both games in which a TD could have kept us in the game with a prayer for victory. He punted only to see the opposition completely salt the game away on the next possession. I highly doubt it would have made a difference in either game, but a critical point comes in a game where you have to roll the dice to reverse momentum or just capitulate to ultimate defeat. Your defense can’t get a, perhaps rare, stop and watch the offense just keep punting forever.

Yes, that is correct. I like the man and believe he has the program heading in the right direction. I understand that CK is red shirting but that he would be man if Austin couldn’t play. But what about Ty Storey and Rickey Town. They are on scholarship. Why not let them take those hits when the game is out of reach?