My Auburn fan patient came back in today

In his Auburn hoodie. He watched the Hog game on TV while trying to follow Auburn-Moo U (he doesn’t get SECN on his cable). I had to explain the conference race situation to him, that Auburn has clinched a tie but could lose the #1 seed if we win and they lose to the Chickens.

Auburn people still aren’t sure what to do with basketball, it seems.

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It won’t be long and some of them will figure it out. What did he say about our hogs.

He said that was a crazy game. With which I agreed wholeheartedly.

Lots of Bama fans here in Chattanooga too including some good friends. When I try to talk about SEC basketball they look at me like I’m speaking in an unknown tongue. Football is all they care about.

I could be wrong but IMO our fans can carry on a very good discussion about FB and BB for sure. A large proportion could cover the Baseball part of our athletics department.

ALL you need to say is “How about those Hogs”

Period Amen…


Mike, add baseball to that list. We’re all in.


Yeah we got a good crew can talk baseball as well.

I think fans like that are everywhere in the SEC and I’m sure other regions. Football or nothing. I’ve learned to not talk about basketball to a good friend of mine down here that’s a gator. He couldn’t care less. I asked “what about when they won back to back titles?” since I didn’t know him then. He didn’t care.

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