My attempt at a productive lineup


I like it because it gets Lanzilli and Wallace back to back in middle of the order and you got battles who is a hot hitter right now in front of them. Nothing will matter if you continue taking pitches down the middle of the plate and swing the pitches of foot off the plate.
We all know there’s not going to be much if any changes but this is my two cents on it.

They had Texas A&M coach on SEC now talking last night and I agree with everything he said he said if you take a strike in batting practice you going to hear about it!! You swing at a ball in batting practice you going to hear about it!!! That obviously must not going on in our practice.

I heard someone say yesterday, that the teams that are having success at the plate, are teams where the hitters go up there with the mindset of hitting for the team instead of self.
Good hitters evaluate the situation and make adjustments that would be more beneficial to the team in particular situations.

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I can’t stand Texas A&M but the coach had some good comments. He said he took it as an insult when someone play the shift against him and that they work extremely hard against that .I do remember us having great success against them the first two games but I also remember them fouling off an incredible amount of pitches and we’re very tough outs. I will say this about our team . I looked about a week ago and we were tied for the least amount of strikeouts in the SEC so we’re putting the bat on the ball but we’re just not getting hits and I still think it goes back to not getting good pirchrs to hit. We are forced to hit pitchers pitches because we’re behind an count too much.

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Last night Hobbs said Wiggins was a candidate to start today. What? Are we trying to win a game in this tournament or just trying to go home?
Wiggins cannot pitch well on the road. Period. Smith has been the same way although he looks far less lost on the mound than Wiggins. It is the team’s Achilles Heal. Now Nolan can’t pitch on the road. Where does that leave us?
We have to start Nolan today. If he stinks we were never going anywhere anyway, because the offense is so lost at the plate that a big outburst seems out of the question.
They have the ability to be good, but the coaches don’t seem to be able to get the players to adjust their failing styles. Good examples are getting Turner off his knees, endless watching perfect pitches down the heart of the plate, throwing outside pitches when the infield is shifted the other way, swinging for the fences every at bat, etc…
There are a lot of flaws that have been exposed the last few weeks that they should be able to be coached out of. Now they are playing so tight that nothing is natural to them anymore.

I have no clue what he’s thinking about doing that seriously. I think we play tomorrow obviously you won’t Noland to be on some semblance of a regular schedule if he indeed is going to be opening up the regional but this staff is in such a shambles right now you might as well just flip a coin because none of them are reliable in their last several starts.

It makes me sick to see a player go to the plate and take 2 strikes and then take stoke 3. Or take a swing at a ball out of the Zone.


Well you’ve been sick a lot this year my friend


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