My assessment straight up here

We (our Hogs) obviously struggled on both sides of the ball. The lack of offensive efficiency led to many, but not all, defensive breakdowns due to fatigue. Must have some upper class leadership to keep the pressure off the youngsters. You cannot play sports by trying not to make mistakes. I can be as negative as anyone on our inefficiencies Hopefully past inefficiencies, i.e. clock management mistakes. Falls on the coaches. We need to be patient with OUR youngsters. Breaking the wrong way on a pass route, having a normally eligible receiver covered up by improper alignment. Both on the coaching. Must have many more live reps in practice to fix those mistakes. Lack of misdirection to hold the linebackers? You bet. Misdirection only works if the offense shows they will use the player in motion from time to time. That holds the linebackers. Again, on the coaches. We must develop another threat in the backfield to go with Boyd. 4th and 1…everyone knew Boyd would get the ball…nothing clever about that call. Our offensive line gets no push to create space. That must improve, but until it does, we need plays to develop much quicker execution. They take too long to develop putting more pressure on our, so far, ineffective offensive line. Surely we should know that by now. Tough break (major) getting the touchdown called back with ineligible receiver downfield…coaching. IMO, Starkel is the only QB I have seen who can operate this system effectively. Betting he will get most of the reps this week and start against Colorado State. Coach Morris mentioned in his post game press conference that they allowed one loss last year to lead to more losses. That loss he was referring to was the Colorado State game last year. POOR clock management. Coaching. Do we have a young team…absolutely.Young. So address mistakes, correct them and move on. All great players have a short term memory. They acknowledge mistakes, fix and move on. They remember when did they did well. A great golfer does not think about the last putt he missed. He remembers the last good putt he made. At the level of the SEC, these coaching mistakes cannot continue to happen. I do hold out serious belief, we can get them fixed. We have fixed some mistakes already. The sky is not falling. This team needs our support. The cupboard was empty. Very few, if any, players who fit this system. Patience. We also had some serious defensive breakdowns.IMO, most of them contributed to fatigue due to lack of offensive efficiency therefore too much time on the field for a young team that does not have the depth a veteran team will have. But the assignment mistakes must end or that Colorado State offense (with veteran QB) will go right after those mistakes and make us pay. No defensive push by our defensive line either. Our coaches will have to be clever to hide our weaknesses. And as fans we must realize we are going to get burned from time to time. That is when the offense must step up and put points on the board. The improvement from game 2 to game 3 should be very evident if we fix the more of these elementary/young mistakes . Our coaches must be clever about what we are trying to get done in order to hide our weaknesses. IMO, straight up assessment, we beat Colorado State by 10. I know the score of the Ole Miss game looks bad. But that score does not tell the true story. REPS REPS AND MORE REPS in live practice will help. Reps create rote memory. Thinking on the field makes your feet slow. Ask any good hitter in baseball. Work things out with reps in practice. Become very good at a few things with REPS and they build from there. We do not do anything effectively yet. Hoping we will. Your thoughts?

I’m not going to try to read this wall of text. Think about using paragraphs bro.

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My bad, and you are correct. But go ahead and try to decipher and see if it makes sense to you?


Makes sense to me. Patience. Hope. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

I think you may be putting too much blame on the coaching. Example: on the misalignment, the receiver (Burks?) later apologized to the coach, saying that was his fault, that he had practiced it a million times. Also, Starkel should have spotted it. Most agree that Hicks would probably have caught and corrected it.