My Anderson rant.

As all of you know, I’m a Coach Anderson supporter. He walked into a situation that few coaches would touch. He cleaned up the program and returned us to some semblance of respectability. But that doesn’t mean I’m fully aware of Coach Anderson’s short comings. Like Nolan, Coach Anderson is a despite of Coach Iba. Iba coached in an era were the average height of the tallest player on the court being 6’5-6’7. That being said, I don’t believe Nolan or Coach Anderson has a fundamental understanding on how to recruit, utilize, or develop strong forwards or centers. Nolan had Corliss fall into his lap. And Coach Anderson had Portis and Gafford fall into his. Kingsley took almost a full four years to develop. Like Nolan, Coach Anderson seems to be infatuated with players in the 6’5-6’7 range. But the players they usually both got players that looked like they weighted about 160lbs and stayed that way until they left. For a coach that hangs his hat on great defense, Coach Anderson’s defense has been lacking. Rebounding is horrible. Three point defense is worse. When playing a decent point guard, his press gets shredded. At this point at Arkansas, Coach Anderson shouldn’t be rebuilding every three years. Yes, transfers and blatant cheating by other programs don’t help, but his recruiting should be better than this. Losing to teams that have equal or less talent is not acceptable. Will Coach Anderson survive? I don’t know. But if the AD does decide to replace Coach Anderson, he better have a home run hire ready to jump in.

Not trying to argue, but you might want to go back and look at what everyone (including the Mike “haters”) were saying about these freshmen when they committed. Funny how that changes during a disappointing season.


Not trying to argue, but you might want to go back and look at what everyone (including the Mike “haters”) were saying about these freshmen when they committed. Funny how that changes during a disappointing season.
Man you have to have players! We lack players with high basketball IQ’s that can score, rebound and take care of the ball.
Transfers and bad luck have snake bit CMA and our hogs. We had 2 role players this year that play wide open and will jack it up from anywhere on the court. That has not been the way teams have played under CMA or Nolan. Also a point guard that can’t shot it at all. It takes players that are threats to score for you to have a chance.

Sorry Baked. After almost 30 games. Freshmen aren’t freshmen anymore.

What are you talking about? I said when these guys were recruited. I also said it’s funny how a disappointing season changes that. I didn’t use “they’re freshmen” excuse.

Sorry baked. Misread the post.

No problem.

I’m a little po’d today. AR cost me $10000

Well if you bet on them to beat Florida then you must have money to burn, don’t ever bet on a MA coached team he is one step below pitiful as a coach.

I don’t know how old you are, but that’s garbage on multiple levels. You’re entitled to your opinion, but when you base opinions on things that just ain’t true, the opinions aren’t going to be worth much.

Nolan and Mike are NOT Henry Iba disciples. That would be their predecessor, Eddie Sutton. Nolan played at UTEP for Don Haskins, who played a slow-paced, defense-oriented style (his NC team in 1966 averaged allowing 62 points a game), and then developed his own style as a coach.

Nolan’s NC team had two highly touted 6-11 freshmen, one a McDonald’s All-America who still holds the California state high school scoring record. Neither one was from Arkansas, so they didn’t “fall into his lap”. Darnell Robinson ate himself out of the lineup here, then bailed for the NBA too soon. Lee Wilson didn’t develop, and there’s probably some justifiable criticism there.

For sure, he has at times lost to teams with less talent like A&M just this year. But he has beaten teams with better talent like LSU this year. Those are just one examples. That happens to all coaches. There are upsets either way. A question on this part is do you factor experience in matching the talent of one team against another or is it just star rating regardless of whether are freshmen or seniors?

Second have you looked at Mike’s head to head record against other SEC coaches? How can someone with such poor coaching skills has been able to win so many games against these coaches? What does that make these other coaches?

Your point on end result of recruiting is maybe valid, but then you took ithat over into coaching, He just cannot be both a poor recruiter and a poor coach to have such a good record. That just cannot happen.

PJ, Mike is 78-64 in SEC regular season games for a winning percentage of .549. That averages to be 9.75 wins to 8 losses per season. Now in fairness to Mike, his first season here was a 16 game conference season. After that the SEC went to an 18 game conference season. So we are basically talking about a coach that is barely above average in SEC play.

Probably betting the money he won on the AR vs LSU & Kentucky games. Against the cheater Coaches to.

That’s kinda funny, I had a similar argument with one of my buddies in a text message earlier. He was messaging me telling me it’s time for Mike to go and mentioned how he always gets out coached and can’t recruit. I asked him if that was the case how does he have the 3rd best SEC record during his tenure here, only behind Kentucky and Florida. He told me that stat was coach based and it was only because CMA had been here longer than most coaches, and I told him no that’s school based, he argued with me that was incorrect information that I had there’s no way he’s had the 3rd best record over 8 years. I texted him the image from the Razorback twitter showing the stats he’s had against other SEC schools and he stopped responding lol.

I just don’t get why people feel they have to over exaggerate to get their point across, people act like to criticize CMA you have to either diminish or lie about his accomplishments. You can acknowledge his wins and what he’s done here at Arkansas, all while at the same time having the opinion he could have done some things better and had us farther along than where we are. That’s my position on the whole thing, I think regular season wins are good and all, but eventually you gotta show something else in the post season. I posted a while back that next year, we need to be a solid NCAA team and that 2020 class needs to be looking real good for CMA to keep that seat from burning up. It’s one thing to miss the tournament 1 year after going back-back and losing 6 seniors, it’s another thing to miss the tournament back-back and miss out on arguably the best in-state class ever.