My All-SEC team, poll

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It’s interesting. Arkansas is considered to have lots of unknowns with a ton of returning players and they have been leapfrogged by teams on the basis of highly-recruited newcomers (MO, Bama, etc) or whatever it is that makes people think TAMU is going to jump from a .500 team to a SEC championship contender.

Maybe all of these freshman will hit but recent memory suggests some of the can’t miss guys will actually miss relative to their lofty expectations.

Count me in the group that has noticed JUCOs usually make a big leap in their 2nd year and thinks people are sleeping on an arkansas team that by today’s standards is pretty deep, talented and experienced.

I say Arkansas has unknowns because they only have 4 guys who’ve been consistently good college contributors and 2 of those are clear-cut role players. Valuable, yes. But role players. But I do think Gafford and Hall, Bailey and Jones, while unknowns, will contribute positively.

I’m more confident about Bama than Missouri because Bama already had a strong nucleus in place and Sexton and Petty compliment that really well. Missouri’s fit is a big question mark, but they may have as much talent as anyone. I’m all-in on J.J. Caldwell and he fills A&M’s massive weakness. Florida lost a lot, like Arkansas, but still has talent coming back.

Saw that. Huge game-changer for the whole league if he’s out long. They’re barely hanging on to beat Alabama Huntsville at the moment.

Braxton Key is also out for a while with a meniscus injury.

I have family down there and the word is don’t expect Sexton to hit the floor in a Bama uniform.