My 98 yr old Mom is a big hog basketball fan

Each year she has them set her TV where she can get all the games possible. We were talking yesterday and she told me she needed to live a few more years just to see what this coach can do given time and players. Then she gets real quite and wispers into the phone, “You know, that Kentucky coach is a real A-- Hole”. I like to ran off the road. In all the years, I cannot ever remember her ever even coming close to saying anything like that. After I gathered myself I said, “I agree with you Mom. You got that one right”.

I don’t think the team really understands just what they mean to so many people in so many different situations. This is just one person. I am certain there are many more. I wish there was some way for them to know. Don’t wish to place additional pressure on them, but they are playing for so much more than they realize.

Of course, she wants them to win, but I think it matters just as much or more to her how they play and how they represent her. Perhaps it comes back to that care thing we all have discussed on the football board.


Your mom my be a little old but she’s a true hog fan! That’s the same fire my grandfather had for our hogs he no longer with us he lives to be 101! He worked hard, at all that matters in life and had priorities. God, family, and all hogs sports. He couldn’t take Stan Heath he thought Heath could our coach himself and blow a 20 point lead in under 40 minutes. He loved Nolan because he earned everything he achieved and did it his way!
You are blessed to have your mom and visit her as much as possible! God bless you and your mom.
WPS! The older generations are true hog fans

Love reading this! WPS!!

Great story, also your mom is 100%right about Calapari being an A-hole😀

Lost my Mom 3 years ago. She would watch basketball and get so nervous if the game was close- close to her was Hogs up by 15. She would pace and clap if a shot went in like it was the game winner. I miss those games. Smiling at her excitement was a life moment for me.

Thanks for sharing. Like so many of us she cares deeply how our team represents our state. I laughed at her observation about Calipari. She is one smart lady.

:laughing: :laughing:
Your mother is a smart lady!

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