My $.02 on Ware

and not sure if it’s not just me doing some hand-wringing - who has turned him against the Hogs? Neither comments nor body language from last interview indicate he is interested in the Hogs. I was hoping for the best but doesn’t look too promising to me for him or Smith

I am with you…one thing I know is this…Muss will not get played …he will move on and recruit another 4-5 star or transfer…

Of all the great Arkansas basketball players in the 2022 and 23 classes, I still think Warren is the most important to the Hogs. He’s the recruit I’d be the most excited about committing (and signing) to the Hogs. For me, much more important than Ware or Smith. Of course, I’d love to have all 3. But if I can have only one, I’ll choose Warren.

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Ware certainly doesn’t put much enthusiasm into it when talking about the Hogs recruiting him.
“They contact me a lot and really surprised how far they made it.”
Connect to Flanigan?

I have seen this discussion elsewhere as well. It probably wouldn’t be admitted, but there seems to be some pretty anti-UA sentiment at NLR. Seen several theories on it. Have heard the basketball coach at NLR isn’t a big UA fan. Heard some school leaders weren’t either. I do know the NLR basketball coach was given a shout out by name by John Pelphrey on a telecast several years ago which raised some eyebrows.

In listening to both Smith and Ware they sure do not seem to have any legitimate interest in UA. I agree that Muss isn’t going to get played here. These guys just give me the impression they think they are just too good for UA. We shall see.

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Something to consider with Kel’el, he’s a very low key non-emotional young man who probably could win at Poker if he played cards. He may or may not go to Arkansas but I wouldn’t judge anything off his mannerisms.

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Smith, Derrian Ford and Ware are a tribe.


Probably that none of these 3, as it stands now, would wind up as a Razorback.

Anti-UA sentiment at NLR? Do you have evidence?

Considering NLR probably produces more D1 talent (girls and boys) than any other school in the state, that’s a pretty serious accusation since Arkansas is a Razorback state.

It’s not meant to be an accusation, but I have talked with people from there who feel that way. K.J. Hill going to Ohio St., and Kevaughn Allen to Florida would be recent examples of high profile athletes who rejected UA. Both were highly recruited.

In addition, when you have someone such as John Pelphrey (who was Florida’s lead recruiter) was either interviewed, or was doing color on a game several years ago and specifically gave a shout out to the NLR basketball coach by name it at the very least raised eyebrows.

This has been discussed in other boards with similar comments by several.

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Oh, they may become Hogs, but right now those three are hard to figure out on what they are thinking and you don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling as to what they think of Hogs.

Absolutely correct. And a lot will change between now and November.

Just an FYI, Hill did not reject AR. He was committed here, and wanted to take a visit. A certain Tito’s loving individual got involved and the kid decommitted and went to tOSU. So, you can thank Tito’s for that one.

Allen chose FL because of his connection to a certain non-Nolan loving individual that was extremely close to him, and Mike Anderson was too close to Nolan.

As for the three guys that y’all are worried about, no one knows what two are thinking. One looks like he’s leaning elsewhere. But, the problems that caused Hill and Allen to go elsewhere are no longer associated with the U of A.


Seems it would have been sufficient to say Bielema botched the Hill recruitment.

Botched is an understatement

CBB botched it. But the opportunistic step dad may have had some involvement in it to. He & the mom seemed to benefit from Hill even in HS. Rumor was the benefits carried over to tOSU as well. (Job wise).

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My personal opinion is Tito’s affected more than anything. Notice I didn’t say Bret

Yep I noticed and could very well be. It turned into a mess. I do think a good HC wouldn’t have let that get out of control like it did.

Something to be said for understatement.