MVSU is a terrible team, but

This game sure brought me back to the early 90’s. There is so much firepower on this team. If we can learn how to defend, we will be an absolute handful for any team we play.


Having the ability to spread the floor with our bigs as 3 point threats is huge. We can play multiple lineups with 5 guys that can shoot is a luxury we haven’t had. Teams would dare certain players to shoot last year. If we improve defensively we’re going to be a handful for any team.

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We definitely have the athletes. Also, we have never had a team this deep that virtually every player on the floor is a 3 point threat. Like I said, if we buy into the defensive end, we are gonna be hard to handle for anyone. Go Hogs!

I realize who we just beat but still…this team has got me major excited!

I think some of the local high school teams might have provided a better test than the Defenseless Delta Dawns did.

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So I was looking at the all-time victory margins last night, and the Montevallo game in ‘94 stood out to me.

IIRC on the Hog Heaven highlight video, Mike Nail says that we were supposed to play a big-time opponent on that Saturday but that the deal fell through. Does anyone remember who we were supposed to play that day?

Coach Richardson agreed to play Montevallo as a favor to Brad Dunn, who previously was the head coach there.

We took it easy on them, a little. Last year Utah beat MVSU by 94.

Any hot shots that don’t buy in on defense won’t be seen a whole lot. But I don’t foresee that being a problem effort wise.

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