Must win

As I said last week, I don’t love the term “must win.” The kids will keep playing and there will be goals to srtive for no matter what happens today.

That said, if you ARE wedded to that term, TODAY IS THE DAY. We are a favorite. At home. Playing the team that robbed us last year (granted…it was the officials…but so what. I hate Auburn).

We have a national narrative to reassert today. Win today…and we can get to 6-2 headed into a Miss. State game. At home.

This. is. HUGE.

C’mon Hogs.



Welp…super tough loss. Offensive line got whipped. All day long.
Also…what the heck do we have to do to get a FAIR CALL against Auburn. I won’t forget that strip that was called a non-fumble any time soon.

Bottom line though Auburn owned the line of scrimmage. Owned it.

Gotta hope we can regroup and get healthier before Miss. state.

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The fumble was a bad call and there are a few more to add to the darn list!

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Agree maestro! Online did not do well today. I thought it would perform much better

O-line got manhandled. Hope we never face having to make a two-point conversion to win a game. With decent RB’s and a big, strong QB and we look inept in converting
it is likely the O-line failure and perhaps a bit on play design and calling.

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