Must win tomorrow?

Prayers for Mary and you.


Nope. So wrong. This is NOT a game that if we don’t win, the season is over, a failure. If we lose tomorrow and win out except for Bama? GREAT SEASON. Do I want to win tomorrow? YES. HATE OLE MISS. But the hope for a good season does not rest on beating Ole Miss. Far from it.


Prayers sent

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I can’t improve on what Piggus said so masterfully about context, but I’ll add this:

For me, personally, a game is only a must-win if the season will be rendered a disappointment – no matter what happened before or what happens after – if you lose.

Kind of like the wildcard game against the Cards was a must-win for my Dodgers. 106 wins in the regular season wouldn’t have meant squat if they hadn’t advanced to the NLDS.


I understand what you’re saying maestro and agree with you

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After the last 9 years, any win is nice and no game is a “must win” for me. It’s all gravy, since I feel we are 2years away from seeing what CSP can do. Last year was great, till covid and injures decimated our team. 4-1 this year, with wins over Texas and the Gaggies?!?! Already a great year. All gravy from here on out.

Ole Mrs seems like a bad matchup for us. Similar defenses, and their O is light years ahead of ours. Our O struggled vs rice and Ga Southern, for goodness sake! No TD in 6 quarters. I think we’ll score tomorrow, but I don’t think we can hold them under 30. And I can’t imagine our O scoring 30.

All that said, I’d never bet against our team, so many seniors and such a good staff. Can they fix all the penalties? Can special teams improve dramatically-to the point of being average? Who knows, but I can’t wait to see it!

Must win? Not this season. Hope for an upset? You betcha!


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Game at a time.

Win each quarter. Win each half.

Focus small and simple.

I am a baseball guy - can’t get too high or too low in that sport. So, it carries over. “Win the inning, win the at bat, win the pitch.” Those are the goals and if you succeed more of the time its a good season.


A big road win at Ole Miss gets OLD Man Mo back in the Hogs locker room!
I expect them to win! From where our hogs were just a short time ago it wouldn’t have been possible now it is possible!
Man it’s a roller coaster being a true hog fan! Consider the cellar our hogs are climbing out of in football and where they sit right now! It’s amazing the change in attitude when a true leader takes charge! Our players want to win and they believe they can! WPS!

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The only must is. We Must not get blown out. The last few years have seen the team fold up after a depressing loss.

Yes, God is. And so is the Mayo Clinic. I am full of thanks for them. Each and every day.
Maybe that is why a term like “must win” bothers me. The only “must” in my life is loving life, God, and my family as much as I can every single second. I have learned to appreciate each and every moment. Show love to everyone. And I plan to savor every moment of this Hog season. No matter what.

That said, its Saturday. I am now foaming at the mouth. BEAT THE DAMN REBELS!!!


Not sure it is a must win from a fan perspective, but the team better be thinking that way…


I agree

The only “must” I have is for us to continue to improve each week, if we do the wins will come and so will the recruits. WPS

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That’s true! Improve and show the fight.

Yes sir Army! It’s the recipe for success. WPS

It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed watching our hogs play some toughness and fight! These players have heart and show it. Coach Pittman has the team playing together and having fun.

Awesome response. My prayers are with you and your family. A football game is a blip on the radar screen compared to what you are speaking about. God bless.

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