Must win tomorrow?

I have had some friends, and heard some pundits indicate tomorrow is a “must win.” for the Hogs.

While I certainly agree that this is a really important game…I disagree that it is a “must” win. Considering where we have been in recent years, I think that sort of talk diminishes what has been achieved already…and how significant it would be to win 8 or 9 this year.

I think the very important thing is that we win either this week or next. Win both…and man, we may be on our way to 10-2…which doesn’t even seem real. Its something to hope for though! But I don’t expect it…not this soon in a rebuild (and please don’t tell me that is defeatist. Its now. Its Year 2 of the Pittman regime. That’s reality. He was left a program in shambles).

But if we can just win one of the next 2, 9-3 is REAL. 8-4 seems almost like a let down…which is just crazy considering everything.

Now…once kickoff arrives tomorrow…I’ll be foaming at the mouth. Screaming "C’mon Hogs…we HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME. But in actuality…i don’t think a road game against a good Ole Miss is a “must” win. We “need” to at least win one of the next two.


No, as badly as I want the win, it isn’t a must win.

This is arguably the toughest game we have left outside of the auto-loss to Alabama.

We can drop this one and then come back home to play an Auburn team coming off their Georgia game.

Then you get UAPB and a bye back-to-back. That will really help the team get healthy before a stretch of winnable games (besides the one).

So no, this game isn’t a must win. But the Auburn game will be if we lose tomorrow. You want to go into that almost-double-bye with some momentum.

If it isn’t a must win we might as well just go ahead and lose. I guess i shouldn’t even turn on the tv if we just gonna throw our cards out there and see what happens, let’s not put too much pressure on ourselves because we’re still in rebuilding mode and gotta get our kind of players in here and recruit our way outta this etc etc etc hell I might as well stay up late and watch a Chad Morris Friday night game since that’s how it is still SMDH… This ain’t like the pros and we got our playoff spot clinched and just need to keep our starters healthy. Seriously we are a 4-1 team not half way through the season and y’all wanna talk about well we ain’t really need to win this one tho. I mean WHAT?!? They’re all must wins!


Winning is everything. It always is. I don’t ever accept losing. I compete at Monopoly.


I knew my post would trigger a post like this. My point is not for the team…its for fans. There is a huge difference in attitude…as a FAN…from wanting your team to win versus labeling a game as “must win.” Labeling games as must win when your team absolutely sucked two years ago is, to me, a vehicle for fan discontent during a season when we should all revel in having a good team again. Period. I have heard so much groaning from poepl back in Arkansas about how we “suck after all”…ands how this game is “must win”…and to me that is just crazy talk. We were horrible. Pittman has come in and given us hope. Why not actually HOPE for greatness while simultaneously being realistic about where we are. You can do both at the same time.

But I doubt you will agree with this post either. And that’s ok.

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I am not saying people should not strive to win. Of course we should do everything possible to win.
My point is when fans label a game as “must win” simply because we lost to maybe the best team in America, that seems strange. Important game? Of course. “MUST WIN”? I don’t think so…as a FAN. As for the team, of course they should do everything in their power to win tomorrow.

Again, I am sure y’all will disagree. Just stating my opinion. I am competitive as hell too. But I learned a long time ago that the only thing you can control is *striving * to win. Working as hard as you can. Leaving no stone unturned. But…the actual result is sometimes not within your grasp.

I get it. Hoping with all I got that the Hogs come out hitting on all cylinders and get the W tomorrow. But I don’t in any way think this is a “must” win or the season is over. The only game that I would consider a “must” win is going into the final game at 5-6, then you “must” win or the season really is over.

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Thank you. That is my only point. What if we lose tomorrow? Is the season over? Do we forfeit the rest of our games? Hell no. We would still have the possibility of a 9-3 season. Or 8-4. Etc.
As Quinn Grovey said on his podcast addressing some fan discontent after the UGA loss, would we all not have done a cartwheel if we were told we would be ranked #13 and stand at 4-1 at this point?

Let me say this. I am HOPING we go undefeated from this point and finish 11-1. Make the playoffs. Win the natty. But I understand that is not likely! What IS likely and really possible is that our Hogs can go 9-3. 8-4. Maybe even 10-2. Coming into this year, NO ONE that follows college football closely…outside of crazy optimistic fans like me…would have thought this was even POSSIBLE.

All that said…Go Hogs. Win tomorrow. And this thread becomes moot.

OK, so if it is a “must win” and we lose, what do we do then? Do we just quit and forfeit the rest of the games? Do we tear up our season tickets, and quit watching on TV? Do we gather up all our Razorback gear and burn it in a barrel in the backyard?

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It’s a must win if you want to maximize your season and get to the best bowl possible.


I never fail to be amused by debates such as this.

Is Saturday’s game a “must win.”

“Must” must have context. Does “must” mean win:

  • to stay alive for the Championship Playoffs?
  • to stay alive for the SEC Championship Game?
  • to stay alive to make a (fill-in-the-blank) Bowl Game?
  • to be “relevant” in national discussions?
  • to continue to show improvement?
  • to positively impact recruiting?
  • to keep the team together?
  • for the coach to keep their job?
  • and on and on and on…

And yet folks will futilely debate a phrase that has no meaning unto itself. On top of that, at best it is only one’s opinion how a game, just six games into the season, would 100% impact any of those choices listed above.

So I offer this:

If the Razorbacks are to win 11 regular-season games this year, Saturday’s game at Ole Miss is, in fact, a “must win” game!


Great points, Piggus! I agree with your comments and to me the only “must” is your point about relevancy. We’ll lose a lot of relevance in my opinion if we lose tomorrow. We’ll have a chance to get some back if we then beat Auburn, but then we’ll just start the discussion all over again about the remaining four SEC games!

OK Piggus…I’ll make this statement in concert with yours:

Tomorrow is a “must win” if we are going to go 11-1, make the SEC Championship, and possibly win the National Championship. Otherwise, its not a “must win.” BTW…I think “must win” is an idiotic term until there IS context…a point you made beautifully.

I do think tomorrow is a VERY IMPORTANT GAME.

“Must win”? Nope. Win or lose there will still be 6 games to play…and so much still to play for.

Wish I had never started this thread! Its a “must” that Ii stop looking at it.

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Gotta win the next one to win out.

My goal in golf has always been to birdie out.

And I always wanted to birdie the last hole. There was a 10-round string one summer where I birdied the last hole every time. One of my friends finally quit pressing on 18 tee. He had lost a bunch of (small) bets.

Are they must? You gotta tell yourself that to really get that focus razor sharp. I think that’s the key to doing anything well.

I go to the trout stream with a plan to catch them all. I’ve mentioned that to Louis Campbell a few times. He likes that attitude but thinks I’m a little crazy. He said one time that not only did we catch them all, but some We caught twice. Made me happy. There was a guy in the parking lot who believed it.

I agree Clay if you are DOING the thing. Though I would argue about the word “must.” But maximum effort every second of your life? I agree with that wholeheartedly.

And yes, we “must” win tomorrow to win out. That is true. I just hate to see fans actually talk about how “we suck after all” after one loss. Ton UGA. It may be “normal” for fans. But its not fair to the kids that have turned this thing around.

OK. I’m done.

BTW…to anyone that reads this…prayers please for my wife’s next scan at Mayo. They are watching a tiny spot in the lung that is probably NOT cancer. She’s already had lung nodules that they biospied and they were benign. This one was too small to even biopsy. So we wait. But it makes you crazy nervous anyway.


I see what you did, there! :grin:



Thoughts and prayers for your wife and you…


Prayers for your wife and your family, HE is still in the healing business thankfully! WPS