Must win 2 of 3 to be bowl-eligible...

…I don’t see us winning 1 more, much less 2 more.

We may get shutout against LSU. Their D is salty.

Fitzgerald - MSU’s dual-threat QB - will cause us fits all day.

Missouri…their offense will shred our defense like we’re in the Sun Belt. Could be a shootout. The revenge factor could come into play. I do not see the fact it’s at home as a benefit, given that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, because the vast majority of the students will be gone. It might just look like the crowd for Coastal.

As much as I’d like to see us get into a bowl, if for nothing else than the extra practices, I just don’t see it.

Very disappointing, indeed.

I would be really surprised if Arkansas gets to a bowl game.

After today nothing will ever suprise me again.
This one today showed me just how easy it is to overlook an opponent.
If the hogs win 2 of the next 3 games they will have to improve a whole lot.
They do need the practice time.
I’m happy for the kids!
LSU will be a tough one to watch!!!

Bowl…did you say bowl?..come on fans…get a grip on reality and quit inhaling. We are Horrible.

Never will I give up on the kids who play for the Razorbacks. As unlikely as it seems, I am hoping they find a way to go bowling.

I would be willing to bet than 90% of Hog fans would love to see this team go bowling. The other 10% want us to lose out to assure CBB iis gone. The fact of the matter is we are not good enough to do it. That is hard for me to say but i think it’s truth.